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Driving without glasses — Umbra Copse 
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OOC: @Celandine


Was there any particular direction Garmir would be going? He really did not plan his travels any further than what was ahead of him, especially with how lost he was right now. Secret Woodlands pack had rejected him, so he had no permantent place to call home. "No.. I really don't know where I will be tomorrow or next day, so no need for directions. She should be able to find me if she wants to. But if you do happen to see her..." -he begin, lifting his head a little and adding some strenght to his words as he said his next sentence. "Tell her that.. there still is a fire."

And odd thing to say for sure. Did it mean fire as in burning love or something else, he did not specify nor it seemed like he'd be willing to. Garmir's eyes turned to the west and he thought of leaving, seeing that this female was no leader of any sort. A brief notion of trying to join another pack had for a moment come to him, but he brushed it aside, deciding that he would remain fully committed to his task and not seek for shelter. If he failed, he deserved to die.

Oh wait, he forgot to offer her name. Should he? Supposedly it was some form of courtesy and he could least make that effort seeing that she promised to help him. He propably should thank her too. Sometimes, it was so difficult to behave well. "They call me Garmir back home. And you are?"
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Celandine Argyris
Wanna go ahead and fade, then I'll archive? :)

The delicate features of her face crumpled in confusion as she considered his words. His coat wasn't marred with ash, or the undeniable scent of burning. She would have noticed the undeniable taste of burning long before his musk ever found it's way on the breeze. No. The fire he spoke of certainly had to be figurative. 

Her second conclusion was easily drawn with the raise of a brow. Her judging gaze flickered over the man once more, as if her theory could be confirmed just by taking note of any misplaced piece of fur. He was a definitely a stalker. This poor woman, gods be with her, was probably trying desperately to get away from him. Why else would she have foregone a name? Well, better the unnamed woman than her. Shrugging to herself, Celandine offered a simple. "Alright." 

"I'm..." She thought to give a fake name, but honestly Cela wasn't afraid of him. She'd like to see him try to stalk her. "Celandine Argyris." Her name would usually have been followed with something like 'It was nice to meet you.' but it hadn't been nice enough for her to even fake the courtesy. "Well, I hope you find what you're looking for." No she didn't. 

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OOC: Sure. Garmir is about done talking at this point ^^

Garmir took note how she paused before giving her name, making him wonder if she did give him the right one. Not that it mattered since the earthen male did not plan to have much further interaction with her. She would not have to worry about him stalking her in future. If this indeed was false name, then she had crafted quite unique one in short time. The ragged male wolf nodded at her slightly as she told how she hoped he would find the mysterious female he was seeking. He knew she was not sincere, but she did play that act well enough. Garmir's reply to her might come little more surprising; "I don't."

The conversation seemed to reach conclusion of some form, least in his head and Garmir turned to leave, first looking to the East and then West - also setting his course that way. As he parted, he took one final glance at her way before curling his tail above his frame and setting off. A low mumble of something along lines "It was interesting to meet you.." -or something something left his maw, but the effort was so low anyone could tell it wasn't.

Another pack avoided and another stranger behind, Garmir now continued forth with his endless task. The fire was still alive, but it was fading.

- Exity exit -