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Namid Vuesain
This will be Namid's last thread. Thank you to everyone who has threaded with her and allowed her to develop so much. She turned into more than I ever dreamed and I hope she brought you and your character a little bit of the kindness and love she brought into mine.

How lovely are the portals of the night
When stars come out to watch the daylight die

Over the course of a week Namid had gone from bad to worse. She’d gotten increasingly confused and plain refused to eat any food or drink any water. She could no longer lift herself or even move from her side, but instead laid in the same spot. Because she couldn’t bring herself to move she slept in her own vomit or even her own bile. She left more than she had before, spending only a few hours everyday awake before drifting off to sleep. During those waking hours she had changed. The pale woman was no longer the woman she was before. She was still gentle, but she no longer remembered those around her. She’d frequently asked for her parents or her siblings, or ask who those around her were. She’d initially be very concerned but with a little coaxing and explanation she’d calm down, then drift back off to sleep. The former queen was a sham of her former self.

If it was even possible, she’d taken a turn for the worst in the past day. Namid had gone to sleep the evening of the 14th and had not woken up since. Over 24 hours she’d been asleep and it was clear she would not be waking up. No matter of nudging or pushing could bring her from her slumber. Namid had slipped into a coma. Her breathing was shallow, barely lifting her chest. Other than that moment, the queen was still.

In her dreams, she was walking through a field. She could almost feel the warmth on her back, the scent of the grasses at her paws as it brushed along her pelt. The woman realized, with a start, that she knew this place. It was where she had grown up. It was the reservation. Her tail wagged behind her frame, joy rising in her chest as she bounded through the fields of high grasses. A rabbit scurried from it's hiding place nearby, birds soared overhead, she could almost swear she heard the human's den nearby. Then, a scent tickled her nose.

The former queen paused in her romping, confusion sweeping across her expression. She knew that scent, but it had been so long that it was nearly forgotten. She moved forward slowly, auds cocked half back half forward unsure. Then, a dark nose poked out of the brush. Followed by a pale muzzle, then a silver tipped head. Soon, a young looking wolf appeared. She looked to be perhaps a year old, her body light and thin like a bird's. Despite forgetting the smell, she could never forget that face. "Neha," she breathed in shock. Despite her eldest daughter being named after the older Macieo, Neha looked very much like Namid's youngest, Lunette.

Namid rushed forward to burry her nose in her sister's ruff, tears building up in her eyes. Her sister returned the embrace before stepping back and sitting down, the Vuesain woman doing the same. There, they sat and talked for what seemed like forever. Namid described Vespertio, described her children, described her grandchild, described the Cove, anything and everything she could think of until she was breathless. Neha sat and took it all in, listening with a gentle smile as she had always done when she was alive. That was when Namid realized. "You're here to take me, are you not?" she said quietly.

Her sister stood, moving to press a kiss against the pale woman's crown. "Yes, dear sister. But do not be afraid, we are here to guide you. And, from the stars, you may guide your family," she replied. From the greenery behind her, another small, pale form appeared. Lonaa. A larger tawny wolf came. Caelyn. Namid's wept, for she had not been aware that her parents had passed. Her father came forward and swept away her tears, a big, boisterous grin on his features. Her mother and father glanced at each other before parting, clearing a pathway between them. Standing there, a little agouti pup grinned up at her. The pup she had lost. She was left breathless, sweeping forward and pulling the child to her chest. She embellished them with kisses and whines, the part of her that had felt empty for so long finally filling up. Once she had at last been reunited with her child she looked around to her family, to those whom she had been parted but now was reunited. It was with them that she passed on, comforted by their presence as they led her to join her ancestors.

Namid breathed no more.

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Solas ColdHeart

He hadn't visited Namid often upon her return but he had known that her health hadn't been good. The healers had worked with her and all he seemed to be able to do was deliver food to her with little talking involved. Solas didn't stay around long once that was done seeing as he always left to go hunting. This past week she had gotten worse and he had faltered in his visits. Sick wolves were one thing talking to someone who wished to see someone who wasn't there was completely different and he had no idea on how to deal with it so he didn't and instead focused on other things.

Solas slowly padded to were he knew Namid was staying and he wondered what she would ask him this time. Would she ask for her Father again? Or her Mother this time? The thought almost made him turn around and walk away. He could do something else but he hadn't gone to check on her in a while. He wanted to make sure that she was at least okay and if she was asleep he would leave without a word.

The bitter smell was what hit his nose first. His paws froze and worry gnawed at his insides. That was not a smell that should be lingering around someone who as far as he knew was alive. Slow steps pulled him forward until he could look on Namid's pale form. His ears pricked as he noted that her eyes were closed. She was sleeping...No she wasn't.

Her sides didn't rise and he the bitter smell of death hung in the air as he stared. She was gone. Sitting down with a hard thud he began to shake. He hadn't been close to her but she had been the first that he had begun to respect in this place. The first to offer him a home. The first to tell him about his father. Now she was gone. The first to leave him here.

Tipping up his head Solas let out a long mournful howl, calling to the rest of the pack.

Namid was dead.

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Kajika Tallis

As soon as Namid started to get worse the dark alpha had stayed with her or close by not wanting her to be alone. Whether she recognized him or not he didn't care, he wanted to be there for her. He knew without anyone telling him that her time was running out. He found it hard to leave her when he had to but he was never gone too long always returning to sit with her. His patience with her was never ending as she asked for her parents and children. Always he explained about them gently to calm her. Then when she took the turn he hadn't wanted to leave her. He had to check Birtie and take care of his natural business.

It was while he was on the path back from the lake that he hear Solas’ call which sent him barreling through the forest. When he arrived at the den he could smell the scent that told him Naimd’s struggle was over. He nodded to Solas before turning to the den. Entering he moved to where her head lay on the floor of the den and pressed a kiss to her cheek, “I’ll never forget you,” he whispered before moving to her side. There he settled down next to her to watch over her as those who wanted to say goodbye could say their goodbyes.

Then once they had he would fulfill the wishes that she expressed to him weeks before. There she would rest amongst the other fallen cove wolves where she belonged. She could not join her stillborn son and see the wolf he'd become.

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Neha Vuesain
Neha will be trespassing in this thread. Her behavior will be unpredictable/borderline volatile due to emotion.


For some time now, ever since she and Aleister had met Namid just beyond the outskirts of their former home, the Vuesain had made it a habit to stick close to Lost Lake. Since the last time she had seen her, the former matriarch of the Cove had deteriorated significantly in health. Her condition far worse than her own had ever been, even when Neha was at her lowest. Though still skinny, with Aleister at her side as a companion, the pair managed to scrape by just enough. She no longer had to scavenge. Slowly, she was putting meat back on her bones. Despite the steady sort of pace in which her life swayed, she continued to worry for her mother. She was always hovering by the Cove. Just out of sight, watching from the shadows. In the care of her birth pack, she knew her mother was safe. Cared for.

With the disappearance of Sachiel and the rejection of Draven, she had truly felt that it was then she had hit rock bottom. Today would change that, slamming her with the brutal realization as her body hit the floor, her heart ripping asunder, just like her world. Pale paws took her along the well traveled path of the great lake, chocolate eyes scanning the slowly melting water for any openings where she could fish. She was hungry and no doubt Aleister would appreciate a morsel as well. Then she heard the howl, originating from Fallen Tree Cove. She turned towards the sound, frozen save for the stiffening of her spine and the rise of her hackles. A voice like that...it could only mean one thing. The next thing she knew her head was reeling as if overcome with a potent case of vertigo. No no no! It couldn't be! Not now...not so soon! She retched, neck curling into itself as she threw up the meager contents of her stomach in a pool of acidic bile. Aware that her litter mate was nearby, alerted to the call, she took off at breakneck speed towards the borders.

Any other day the mere scent of the boundary would have sent her slamming to a halt. But not this time. The Vuesain broke through them blindly, snow kicked up in high plumes behind her. She dared any pack wolf to defy her. This was her homeland! Her birthplace. She was the first born Vuesain, rightful heir to the Cove, loner or not. Hell have mercy on any wolf who tried to stop a grief stricken daughter from clinging to her deceased mothers side. The wind blew harshly as she raced onwards, stinging her eyes as hot, wet tears streaked down her face, along her muzzle. She had never ran so fast in her life, yet the approaching den seemed oh so far away. The scent of Cove wolves, of death...of her mother, pushed her on. When she closed in on the den, she barely slowed down. "Namid!" She choked out. "Momma...NO! Y-you can't leave me...please don't!" She cried, hysterical. Neha didn't even look at Solas or Kajika as she scurried towards the den. Only when she forced her way inside, did her semi feral nature expose itself as she lashed out, snapping wildly with frothing jaws to force the dark male to give her her space. Namid's body lay still before her, just as if she were sleeping, eyes closed peacefully. The scent of death hung heavy in the air in the den, but she paid it no mind. With a fresh stream of tears, the grieving daughter threw herself forward to cling against the cold body of her idol. Of her guardian angel, now earned her rightful place amongst the stars.

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Tulip Day
Tuilip had been trotting towards the medical den with a nice size rabbit between her jaws. The commotion caused her curious ears to perk but she couldn't quite make anything out. The young she wolf quickened her pace to find out what was happening. Her fluffy tail waged happily behind her in greeting as she strolled up onto the scene. The bowl caused her to falter in shock. Namid had passed away.

Slowly the girl halted, face becoming void of emotion. She stopped a good few feet away from the sight, to where she couldn't see Namid. The smell was enough to have her backing away with a brief, sharp, whine. Her head lowered ears pressing back. Guilt washed over her, Tulip had been bringing food to the den for awhile bit never grew the guts to talk to the older wolf. Now that she was dead she wished she had. The year-long had never experienced death like this, just murder, and didn't know what to think of the current of pain and guilt as it ripped through her. The site of her packages upset made the girl continue backwards.

Lemon eyes begun to water as they fell on Solas. She didn't even mind the strange wolf on their territory, in this moment of pain, she seemed fitting. Like she held a place here though the tiny girl wasn't sure what was. Tulip watched stuck in place as the She wolf threatened Ka then threw herself upon Namid. She looked away pitifully, not able to find a response in herself. No one should be like that to her Ka...but this...This was sad. Carefully Tulip moved to her Solas's shaking side and pressed herself firmly into his side whimpering. She set her rabbit down and licked at his fur with hopes to soothe his pains to some minor degree. At the same time she wanted to extend comfort to the others, but knew this pain was irreversible.

Slowly she got up, rabnit in tow, and approached the girl and her mother, laying the dead rabbit tenderly next to them. Her eyes spoke the words she could not, an apology and goodbye wrapped in two. The girl avoided Neha as she moved to lick Ka's crown before walking back to Solas.
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Warning: Tulip tends to have M rated flashbacks and nightmares
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Lunette Vuesain

Lunette Vuesain

I'm drowning in the waters of my soul

She had known her mother was fading, but unlike the time she had worked up the courage to ask her if she still loved her.. unlike that time, she never sat down with her, to talk, to.. make amends.. to somehow turn it into something she wouldn't regret.

And then, one day, Namid grew distant and confused, asking for her parents, not recognizing her daughter, or Kajika, and the regret settled heavily on Lunette's bones. The inevitable thing she had fought with every fiber of her being was happening. No more a ghost, the silver shadow stayed with her mother day and night, licking her muzzle clean from vomit, nudging her head out of the bile. She said nothing to Kajika, whom she frequently shared the space with. She said nothing to Tulip and Solas, who came with food for Namid. She only left to hunt and see to her own needs.

But she was there when Namid died.

She laid folded around the wasted form of her precious Mama, her half-lidded eyes watching the slow rise and fall of her chest, the lines of her face; her closed eyes, and how they sometimes roamed beneath her eyelids. Namid hadn't woken for a full day, and Kajika had recently left to see to himself. Lunette had since long given up on rousing her mother, and was left alone with the dying matriarch and the monster in her head. Not even this moment she could have in peace. Not even this inevitable thing would be allowed to pass, for if she'd only been a better daughter—how dare she stop trying—does she not love her Mama?

But oh, she loved her, even when she hurt her, so the girl suffered in silence, just waiting.

Namid breathed out. One of Lunette's ears gave a flick. After a moment, she held her breath, listening, realizing she'd been waiting for her to breathe in again—that all these hours laying by her dying mother's side, she'd been listening to every breath, just to make sure there was another.

Her eyes opened wider, and she raised her head, looking at the still form. Her face, gaunt and worn, but relaxed. Her side thin beneath a faint winter fur. Unmoving.

The next breath never came. Lunette's ears strained in the silence as she waited, each second painfully counted by her heartbeats, and still her mother did not breathe in again. Minutes ticked by. Whining softly, the silver girl pressed her nose against her mother's neck; it was still supple, but everything beneath the skin was still and quiet.

She had been prepared, yet unprepared; she had known this would happen, but now that it did...

"Goodbye, Mama," she whispered as she half-rose, licking her mother's muzzle and cheek a last time, before planting a kiss on her forehead. Blinking tears from her eyes she stepped into the den's entrance, turning to look back at the dead body of her mother a last time.

There was nothing there for her anymore.

She could smell Solas coming, and quickly slunk from the scene, not wanting to be trapped here with the pack. She felt empty and numb, the surroundings a dark blue blur and every sound blending together into a low, undistinguished drone. A howl, heavy with grief, sounded from somewhere behind her. She smelled Kajika, who hadn't been far. Tulip. And.. Neha.

In the distance, Lunette saw her estranged, deserter of a sister barrel towards the medicinal den, followed by the thick, heady scent of grief and panic. The younger Vuesain's eyes narrowed, but the anger normally burning so hot in her chest was muted, gone, lost along with everything else. Simply empty, the girl ended up standing by a small cluster of rocks, not quite seeing what was ahead of her, thinking only of how soft her mother's fur had been.
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Aleister Vuesain
aleister vuesain
say goodbye to your soul

Had he had a choice and not of found Neha when he first entered the Lore, Aleister would be far away from the Lake. He would of said his goodbyes and moved back away from his homeland that always seemed to plague him with anxiety. After seeing Neha and the shape she was in, he couldn't leave her no matter how much his coward self pleaded with him. The guilt was too much and he couldn't abandon his sister. Then he ran into his mother and learned that she was dying. No matter how much he wanted to run again, he couldn't. For all the wrong he did to his family, he had to make up for it somehow even if it would never amount to anything.

The "What If's" constantly plagued his mind as he picked through the woods for food for the Vuesain duo. What if he had been within the Lore and prevented Neha from deteriorating to this condition? What if he could of prevented his own mother from getting sick as well? Had she not of become sick with worry about whether or not he was alive outside of the Lore, maybe she wouldn't be dying right now. If he had been an ounce of a good son, perhaps both of their parents would still be living at the Lake, happy and healthy. But they had a coward son, a worthless son.

Neha wanted to stay by the Lake, so that's what they did. He would go out every morning and try to find something for them to eat, more for her than him. She was gaining weight, but Neha still needed more weight on her than he did. So like any other morning, he was out within the mountain and the woods surrounding, hunting for any sustenance that he could come across. When he heard the howl rang out across the mountainside, the Vuesain man's heart dropped and the emotions that began to take over him threatened to make him run from the area all together. But there was Neha, he couldn't leave her and he had to say goodbye to his mother. She deserved a goodbye.

Breaking through the borders after his sister's trail, he didn't think twice about the fact he was trespassing, the thought didn't even cross his mind. This was his birthplace. The wind deafened his ears as he raced to catch up to his older sister, he could hear her cries up ahead. He was almost there. His mismatched eyes were only on his sister when he finally arrived, though he noted the obvious Cove wolves by the scent that clung to them. He strained to just focus on Neha and to not look at her, but he had to see her one last time. The scent of death was thick in the air, threatening to suffocate him. He approached his littermate's flank, a simple touch of his muzzle was given to her shoulder to signify that he was here. His ears pulled against his crown as his mismatched gaze fondly looked upon his mother as the tears threatened to escape. Instead of letting the world see him, he buried his face into his sister's agouti fur as the ears fell from his eyes.

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NOTE! Neha is currently traveling with Aleister
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Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Im seriously crying Dx this is so sad

The last few weeks had been heart wrenching as the Cove's rightful matriarch began to quickly deteriorate. She had begun to sleep more and more. Becoming confused and frantic asking for her parents. The onyx woman wanted to stay with Namid but she felt it would be too crowded between her, Kajika and Lunette. She had to admit that it was nice to see the youngest Vuesian be there for her mother. So Moon came every day to help in any way she could. Bringing food with Solas and Tulip, or taking over for Kajika or Lunette so they could have a break.

No matter how long this went on it wasnt getting any easier to see the pale queen in this state. It broke her heart to see the woman that she considered to be a friend, mentor and mother figure deteriorate. This fateful day though would change her forever. She knew it was coming but not this soon.  She was on the far side of the territory trying to catch some fish for Namid. Her head shot up and silver dusted ears pressed forwards. Her heart lurched forward and her breath caught in her chest. "No!" She breathed out remaining rooted in the cold water for a moment. Before she knew it Moonshadow was racing along the shore towards the medical den. Tears began to fill her mercury orbs clouding her vison. In her panicked state she did not pay attention to where she was stepping. Her large dark paw caught on a root causing her to fly into the ground. The rocks beneath the snow were jagged and cut her limbs. The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain. Moon picked herself up and pushed on.

It didnt take much longer to arrive the pugent scent of death filled her nostrils. She skidded to a stop and dropped to her belly. Coulded mercury orbs fell on Solas then Tulip. Then Lunette on the outskirts of the group. Kajika then was seen hear the den. Moon could see clearly into the medical den. The familiar form of Neha and another were recognized next to - a cry caught in her throat. Namid. She couldnt hold it back any more. Sobs were let out as she just laid there not taking her eyes off the fallen matriarch.

Word Count: 000
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Solas ColdHeart
His gaze was on the ground and he vaguely noticed Kajika's arrival and the nod that was sent his way but Solas didn't give any indications that he had noticed him. Solas blinked hard as his sides continued to shake. He had thought that maybe just maybe Namid would get better that he would be able to visit more and from there learn more about her. It hadn't crossed his mind that this was going to be it for her. That these would be her last days.

The sound of paws hitting hard on the ground made Solas snap out of his shock as he saw a strange wolf rush onto the scene. Intruder. The scent of the pack wasn't on her and a growl started to rumble in his chest only to choke off when she called Namid her mother. Solas blinked at her before letting his gaze drift to Kajika for cues. It was okay for her to here right? This was her mother after all.

Tulips presence helped him a bit as she pressed against him with a whimper. He shifted so that he could press against her side, to feel that she was alive, unlike the woman that lay before them. She groomed his fur before she left suddenly making him feel cold to deliver the rabbit to the intruder that was Namid's daughter.

Another wolf he didn't know appeared but this time Solas didn't growl he simply stayed where he was watching the scene in front of him. Moonshadow arrived after that. The stormy male returned his gaze to the ground. He wasn't sure what he should do.
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Kajika Tallis

It was expected, Namid had warmed them, he'd watched her get worse. Seeing her lifeless body didn't make it any easier, it killed him inside to know that she would never walk the land that had once been her’s and Vesperito’s. The alpha couldn't allow his subordinates see how much her death affected him, he had to stay strong for them to help them through the loss of such an important member of the pack. Namid's death would be felt for a long time after she had been laid to rest but for the time being he wanted to have the chance to say goodbye to her even if she was no longer with him.

It was no surprise to the alpha when Neha followed by her brother showed up at the den. He had smelled their scents around the lake. Kajika had allowed them to stay close by with Namid in her condition they needed to be. Still he wouldn't allow them to cross the border until they asked for acceptance. They had made their choices and they had to do what any other wolf would have to. Until that day, their mother was dead and they deserved the right to say goodbye to her, he would stop them. He would not however would not allow her to force him away from Namid's side. She had left after going against her parents and breaking their hearts and she had no right to dictate anything.

A low warning growl rumbled in his throat for her to mind her manners. She maybe be grieving but she needed to remember her place. If she did that he would allow her and her brother the time they needed. If she couldn't...well that was up to her but he wouldn't allow that behavior in his territory.

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