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BWP: Bless the rains down in Relic Lore
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Sweet, sweet rain!

Staff sincerely hope that everyone had fun with this year's BWP! As of today (August 14th, 2022) the drought had thankfully come to an end, and normal rain and weather has returned to the region as we begin to slowly head towards the fall. But! We aren't done with suprises yet! Do you remember the flooding that occured during the slight drought reprieve? Well, now that the flooding has subsided new passages have opened up to the west, revealing a new portion of our map!

New Map

A huge shoutout to Pinn who combined our old map with our new map to make the style align well, and also to Sarah who did the background work of getting the new map uploaded. Staff will continue working hard behind the scenes to fix the subterritory locations on the map as well as adding our region squares back into place, but we just couldn't wait any longer to get the forums etc up for you!

As a special treat, any threads that are started in the new territories before September 30th will be eligible for RE LP.

Also another huge shoutout to Cade who made some awesome flair to celebrate the BWP:
[Image: nseplS8.png] [Image: TGVyEeK.png] [Image: C1nNGwZ.png]

[Image: yqKciCZ.gif] [Image: liQMrEp.gif] [Image: smFR9aM.gif]

[Image: mxPIDcc.png] [Image: bfePnXI.png]

[Image: 7Zv8VHf.gif] [Image: GZGmYQR.gif]
"Moon Mother,
bring us your light, for the night is dark and full of terrors.
The new map is beautiful, I can't wait to see what stories everyone writes in the new territories! Thank you to all of you who worked on this!