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Tasha's 2 Week Notice
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Hey Everyone <3

I've got some exciting (and not so exciting) news! I've been awarded a Graduate Research Assistanceship going into my last year of grad school. I'll be assisting with research regarding ethnic conflict and political unrest in Chechnya. This is going to stack on top of grad school, work, and Guard this upcoming year, making my schedule pretty tight, but is an amazing opportunity as I prepare to start my applications to Doctoral programs!

As a result, it's with a heavy heart I announce that I will be stepping down from Ruins of Wildwood staff on July 1st, 2024. In all reality, it's something I've been considering for awhile. I've just been really busy and bogged down with life, and I've found it difficult to balance staff work, writing, and life particularly over the past year. It's been an absolute blast, and I've been staff for a cumulative 5ish years between my first stint 2015-2017 and my second stint since the re-opening.

I will still occasionally be popping into a role to help with coding! Apart from those instances, I'll be just a regular member!

I want to thank you all for being an amazingly supportive community (especially when I break the site during coding sprints) and for my fellow staff team for being phenomenal and dedicated individuals who made staffing fun.

With All My Love,
Tasha that's amazing!! Congratulations! Stepping down to handle all of that is understandable omg

Please take care of yourself and good luck with all these new opportunities <3
AHHHH that's such an exciting opportunity! I'm so proud of your growth and I cannot wait to see what else you accomplish! You've done such a great job as staff and I'm glad you're sticking around as a player. I solemnly swear I will do my very best not to burn down the site <3

Archer is very haggard and thin; it is obvious he is not doing well.
How awesome! Congrats!!
We already talked about this but I think it's worth saying again how much I have loved working with you on the staff team since the reboot and appreciate all of your coding help! <3
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