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How to make a Fight Request
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How to make a Fight Request

Has your character made a challenge or entered a fight? To gain the assistance of one of the staff members to implement the Fight System for you, simply post a new thread (make sure Topic Location is 'Fight Requests' and not 'Wolf Central') and provide the following information.

... Clearly state the name of the characters involved in the fight.
... Link to the thread the fight is occurring in.
... Provide current Life Point stats and their Life Statistics, in case the number changes before a staff member can get to this thread.
... And note which wolf it is making the move you want rolls for.

Defaulting a Fight

Each participant in a fight has a maximum of 3 Days to respond to a fight thread after the last participant has posted. If this 3 day limit is not met, the fight will automatically default to the other participant. It is the responsibility of the fight participants to keep track of this limit. If a player would like to claim that a fight has defaulted, they should post in their fight roll request thread informing the staff.

So - if wolf A and wolf B use the fighting system, and wolf A is knocked out first round, are scuffle points or fight points claimed? I understand there is/was a post limit requirement for one to turn into the other, but with this new system does that still apply? (Since it may have been intended as a fight but the odds were stacked drastically against wolf A)... Or would this then be up to the players to go 'Ok - so wolf B wins but lets drag it out over a few rounds to get fight points'?

(If any of that makes any sense at all)
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Scuffle, because it does not amount to enough posts for a fight.