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Ribbon Awards — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

Ribbon Awards.

Initiated as part of RoW's third birthday, the Ribbon Awards are a simple out of character award system. Members earn different ribbons for a multitude of reasons, including contributing to the game lore or information, achieving certain developments with their characters, and being a member of the community. Ribbons are awarded on an account by account basis and collected ribbons can be viewed on a member's out of character profile.

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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,570 posts.

How to earn ribbons.

The process of earning ribbons is quite simple. You can view the list of ribbons here. The list explains the requirements for each of the ribbons - what one needs to do in order to claim it. More or less, ribbons are claimed just by being a part of the RoW community. You can earn ribbons by contributing to the game information, participating in games, and developing your wolf.

The ribbons system is designed to cater to a wide variety of players and characters - it is not likely that a single player/character will collect all of the ribbons (though if you do manage it, congratulations!). Additional ribbons can and will be added to recognize other achievements and contributions by members.

Ribbons can be claimed by posting in the Maintenance thread.

Tier System

To keep our members challenged, different ribbons have been given different numbers. These numbers represent different tiers. Tiers are essentially an increased difficulty level - you've achieved a greater form of that particular requirement. For example, there are ribbons for achieving 10 posts, 50 posts, 100 posts, and so on. Tiers will be added as necessary as members complete the tiers listed. Ribbons with no number on them are not a part of the tier system.

Please note - to conserve space in the profiles, only the highest tiered of each ribbon is shown. The option to view all of one's awards is available on a separate page, linked to in the profile.

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