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Vital Information
Full Name: Kajika Tallis
Alias: Kaj
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Years (May 14 2013)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: Whispering Tundra
Alignment: Neutral Good
Life Points: 5025
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Black, Sable, white
Species: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Height: 39'
Length: 72"
Eye Color: Light Amber
Physique: Large
Weight: 110lbs
Current Condition:

Weight is back to normal, well groomed

Kajika is large but not in an over powering sort of way. His fur is thick and an even mixture of sable and black with a patch of white on his chest. His eyes are a light amber that compliments the colors of his coat. His body type is lean and somewhat lanky but he is well proportioned.
Kajika is kind, loyal, and honest. He tries to do what he believes to be right in life and he does not go against his values. Though he came from a place where their intentions ranged from questionable to down right wrong Kajika has built a steadfast ideal of right and wrong. He is not afraid to make the tough decisions.

Before Relic Lore

Kajika was born in the spring at night to a pack that made it’s home on the Whispering Tundra. The pack called it that because when the wind would rustle the grass it would sound like whispers all around. His mother was a beta of the pack and his father the alpha. He also had a sister and together they made up his mothers first litter. He's not sure how many siblings he might have on his fathers side. His puppyhood was happy, filled with playing with his sister. Eventually his father started to teach him about pack life and what it meant to be a good pack member.

By the time he had reached six months of age he had learned many things and his mother had started to take he and his sister out on hunts for small prey. His father also took him on patrols around the borders of their territory. During these times he became very close to his parents and sister but as time passed he started to notice a change in his father.

During their patrols was when he first started noticing it, at first Kajika didn’t understand. As more time passed he realized how cruel his father had become. It started with the pack stealing caches from other packs, lone wolves were attacked on sight. Eventually the other packs were stopped from being able to hunt altogether and when they became too week to defend themselves his father would order an attack on the weakened packs.

As Kajika realized what was going on he first tried speaking with his father to stop it. When that didn’t work he tried talking with his mother though he knew with her position in the pack she couldn’t do much. When he finally accepted that he couldn’t change things he decided that he could not stay in his pack no matter how much he cared about them. He could not survive at the expense of others lives. So he left his pack in search of a life that was his own and a pack that shared his same beliefs and values.

Life in Relic Lore

After almost a year of travel Kajika found himself in a place called Relic Lore which was a place that he thought he could make his home. After some wandering and meeting a few different wolves he met a female that taught him to hunt birds. She quickly became his friend and he taught her to fish but as time passed he found it harder to leave her each time he had to. In June of 2015 Kajika finally became a part of Fallen Tree Cove so that he wouldn't have to leave her. Shortly after joining Des left and he remained to keep his promise to Namid. During his time he has been working toward the role of teacher and brought Moonshadow who became his student into the pack.

Over time his unresolved feelings over Des'd disappearance started to take it's toll on him and as he slowly became worse mentally he finally did tell Moonshadow about the woman that he had loved. Tags admission that he had feelings for Moonshadow caused Kajika to realize his own feelings for his student and friend but by that time it was too late to tell her. Now he struggles coping with Des and his feelings for Moonshadow while still trying to be a friend for her and Tagg by keeping his feelings to himself so that he doesn't ruin their relationship. When Des shows up at the borders of Fallen Tree Cove Kajika sees this as his second chance with the Woman who had been such an important part of his life.

Before his journey through the lore Kajika made a mistake that damaged the relationship he had with Des which he tried to repair upon his return. After returning he discovered that Moonshadow and Lunette had gone missing. He set out to find them only to find Moonshadow injured and without her memory. Shortly after bringing Moonshadow home he discovered that Des too had gone missing and after three days he went looking for her only to find her body, she had been murdered. It was only a short time after discovering Des that Moonshadow gave birth to three children with only one surviving that she named Chan. Much to Kajika's surprise only moments after she had given birth to Chan she asked Kajika to be her son's godfather which he agreed to.

Chan grew quickly over the weeks since his birth. When he was big enough Kajika took him to the lake to catch crawfish which turned into a lesson in fishing and swimming. Shortly after this Vespertio came to him and asked him to step up to the position of leader so that he could take a step back for awhile. A trip to the hot springs resulted in meeting the alpha of their neighboring pack Aurora Heights and finding Eido's body later.It wasn't long before Tagg returned after having disappeared from the cove for a period of time. Having made a promise to the tawny man Kajika followed through with it before accepting him back into the pack. On a day trip that led him to Bramble Falls Kajika met a wolf (Muses) and offered for her to join the cove which she accepted quickly. The following day he brought her back to her new home.

Pack Rank:
Whispering Tundra: 5/14/2013-8/10/2014
Pup, Yearling
Lone Wolf: 8/10/2014-6/18/15
Yearling, Adult
Fallen Tree Cove: 6/18/2015 - present
II. Subordinate
I. Leader 7/14/17 - Present

Mother: Chenoa MacLeod
Father: Rowtag Tallis
Sister: Kanti Tallies

Lover: Birtie
Offspring: Chenoa & Elwood (With Birtie)
Friends: Named Vuesain
Vespertio Vuesain
Tagg Eastfall
Veho Macieo
Lunette Vuesain
Godson: Chan Eastfall