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Vital Information
Full Name: Sahalie Leigh
Alias: Halie, formerly Sahalie Tainn
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years (May 31 2015)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: Oak Tree Bend
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Life Points: 4660
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Black
Species: N. Timber / Valley Wolf
Height: 70 cm / 27.5 in / 2.29 ft
Length: 112 cm / 44 in / 3.66 ft
Eye Color: Pale Gold
Physique: Small
Weight: 43 kg / 95.2 lbs

Coming from her large dad and small mother, Sahalie should have ended up somewhere in between in terms of stature. Due to the circumstances of her birth, however, her growth ended up severely stunted and she is quite small. But she is anything but petite. The dark brown girl takes after Spieden's eating habits and, as a result, is a bit beefy for her frame. Her legs, face, and back all appear to be a darker, almost pure black, while her sides and neck reveal their rich chocolatey hues in the sunlight.

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More than anything Sahalie wants to help others and craves the companionship of other wolves.


She has an abstract grasp on the world which makes her an idealist and an optimist.


Logic takes a lower priority to social and emotional consequences.


Sahalie keeps an open mind about new wolves.

    Fun Facts

  • August 2015 WoTM
  • 2016 Best Sisterhood, Best Shoulder to Cry On, Ray of Sunshine, Favourite Thread
  • 2017 Best Sisterhood, Loudest Mouth, When Will They Get Together, Couple You Just Want to Break Up
  • Discovered: Hidden Berry Hideout, Three Sisters, Skeletal Hill, Archainn Tunnels, Rissa's Rest, Quaking Vale

Relic Lore V

Sahalie and her brother Drift were born at the end of May to Nayeli and Triell. Before she was even weeks old her mother disappeared once more from Oak Tree bend and Spieden was forced to step up to the plate as surrogate mother. Her childhood passed haltingly, as a month after her birth the death of her Uncle Hotei, one of the few remaining Tainns, was killed by a falling tree in a storm. The reclusive mourning of her pack, her strange relationship with a woman she assumed to be her mother, and her wounded father left the child with a sense that she had been born into something broken. She would not figure this out fully until some few months later, however.

Relic Lore VI

Without warning, stability was torn from her daily routine when her father left on a mission to find Nayeli, who Sahalie did not yet know as her mother. Sahalie became even more dependent on Spieden for attention and guidance, and their strained relationship began to grow a bit easier for the both of them. Over time, Sahalie began to branch out and meet her other pack members. She spent little time playing with Drift, as he was developing weird hobbies and Sahalie did not quite enjoy rolling in mud puddles.

Being a Tainn, Sahalie seemed destined to learn early on the pain of absence and loss of family members. So soon after her father returned, her brother Drift was nowhere to be found. At this point Sahalie was old enough to do something about the situation, and spent a lot of time adventuring beyond Spectral Woods in search of some sign of his dirty coat.

Some time after Drift's disappearance Sahalie finally learned the truth about her mother. But this was not nearly the most disruptive discovery. In quick succession, the curtains were drawn on the real world. Anna's death several weeks later hit the girl hard. She had been too young to understand Hotei's death, hearing only of a wolf who had "wasn't coming back." Sahalie buckled down and doubled her efforts to find her brother, developing a confusing love-hate relationship with adventure.

Her efforts to find Drift bring her into contact with many new wolves, several of which ended up "following" her back to Oak Tree Bend. In late January, Sahalie eventually finds her brother and her extended trips beyond the territory nearly cease all together. Soon after her family is reunited however, it is torn apart again when she finds out that Drestig and Jessie intend to leave Oak Tree Bend and start a pack somewhere else. Afterwards, Sahalie resolves to become the strength of Oak Tree Bend and learn how to lead the pack.

The arrival of breeding season brought along a lot of confusion for the girl and her pack. Not understand the whole "birds and the bees" concept, she was at a loss when both Spieden, Aponi, and Naira ended up pregnant. At this point, Sahalie's dislike of her father's woman became more or less fully realized. She was happy to accompany Spieden out of the territory and escape the hormones when the leader decided to extend a party invitation to their allies on the mountain. Distraction and some much needed structure also came in the form of her new found friend Quentin, who she brought back to Oak Tree Bend to be her mentor in the art of herbal remedies. Sahalie spent the remainder of the summer tackling medicine as well as her pup-sitting duties for all three litters of the bend. During the summer she also made a new friend in the grumpy old Larkspur, taking him into the pack despite Kino's objections and the wedge it drove between them. Sahalie learns about Kino's real identity and past, but instead of driving her away as he feared, the bond between the two is only strengthened.

Relic Lore VII

The rest of the summer and the fall slides away into obscurity. Kino went missing before eventually returning near the end of autumn, and Sahalie began to rely more and more on Larkspur's advice and "companionship." Life, while not perfect,
was manageable for Sahalie and her spirit remained un-rattled and unbroken until one winter day when Aponi challenged Spieden for leadership. What was supposed to have been a non-violent take over re-opened old wounds in her caretaker, inciting chaos and ultimately breaking Oak Tree Bend in half. Spieden no longer wished to stay in Oak Tree Bend, fearing for her safety. Sahalie, unable to salvage the situation with either Spieden or Serach, chose to leave the home she was born in so that she could take care of the wolf that had raised her. She and Spieden left the bend with Mako, Marina, Kino, and Larkspur. Her father and Naira also disagreed with Serach's handling of the situation, and despite Sahalie's protests that her father was doing it for the wrong reason, also left Oak Tree Bend with Reiko, Treyah, and Leotie.

The small band of wolves traveled north, as Spieden wanted to find a wolf that she had connected with living in Whitestone Monadnock. Spieden joined up with that pack immediately, but Sahalie hesitated: still in shock from what had happened, and devastated about leaving her birth pack. She had thought she would be in Oak Tree Bend forever, and her dreams of leading it were shattered. Ultimately, she swallowed her concerns about living out on the moor with unknown wolves and joined Spieden in the Monadnock. But the harsh conditions and even harsher attitudes of those around her didn't particularly agree with her. Days later she discovered that Kino has met a new friend, Castel, and after pressuring him into giving her the details she learned that they kissed. Confused, upset, and territorial, Sahalie instigated an argument that ended unexpectedly: Kino proposes that they create their own pack. The two resolve to leave their northern unhappiness behind with the blessing of Morganna and Craw, taking Larkspur and Castel with them south again.

On her way south she discovered that her father and Naira had set up a pack in the ashes of Triell's own childhood home with Leotie when she runs into the girl, her old friend Sven, and their other friend. After reuniting with Sven and explaining what she learned up north about his mother, the girl chose to continue her journey south without speaking with her father.

By the end of breeding season Sahalie, Kino, his long lost/recently found brother Draven, Castel, Larkspur had found their new home: Quaking Vale, a place she and Kino had stumbled upon together. And for a short period of time it was everything she had hoped for. Things were coming together and they were bringing in new members. However everything changed for her when Larkspur divulged to her that he had, while they were looking for a place to call home, bred with a female from Fallen Tree Cove on a whim. She allowed him to go out in search of the female, hoping for the best. Larkspur returned with a small, male cub with no mother to speak of. For the first time in her life, Sahalie began to truly understand the predicament Spieden had found herself in raising Sahalie and Drift two years prior. Because Sahalie was lactating, and since Larkspur did not trust anyone else, care of Lauraceae fell to Sahalie.

Relic Lore VIII

Instead of feeling joy at becoming a "mother," Sahalie suffered strange emotional and mental distress brought on by nursing the boy. She withdrew from the pack and eventually handed the reins to Castel, completely cutting herself off from the goings-on until she no longer knew anything about what transpired in her borders.

Fall arrived and Sahalie left, taking Lauraceae with her, because what choice did she have? The thought of being surrounded by the expectations of her pack mates and the dream she had created was too much, and she wanted time to rebuild herself. Since Kino was in love with her--something she had learned entirely on accident from his bitter brother Draven--he followed her east out of Relic Lore. Things were somewhere between bad and okay, living as a small family of loners. The winter was harder on her than even the year previous. Everything she had intended for her life had ended in failure or completely passed her by. A lot of snow fell before she started to come to terms with everything she could not control--one of those things being Laurel.

He disappeared somewhere in the middle of the winter, but she and Kino knew where he was going. Back to Relic Lore.

Family Tree

Mate Kino
Children Arcus
Foster-Child Lauraceae

Mother Nayeli
Father Triell
Older Siblings Nova½, Darrah, Zera
Agemate Drift
Younger siblings Treyah½, Reiko½, Cannon½, Suka½, Lana½

Adopted Mother Spieden
Adopted Siblings Mako, Marina

Maternal Uncles Kantos Vasu Aduli

Paternal Grandfather Rihael Tainn
Paternal Grandmother Lani Tainn
Great Uncle Honijo
Paternal Uncles Indru, Ruiko, Kenai, Hotei, Kinis
Paternal Aunts Niija, Ioni, Torla, Junai, Borlla

Neices Nalda, Rosalind, Aquaria
Nephews Saros, Vulcan, Perseus, Scorpius
Grand Newphew Adarius
Cousins Rihael, Kisla, Fenru, Aiyana, Torrel, Rissa, Mirren, Nios, Vaeta, Kyros, Hypatia, Evy, Takis, Celandine, Ruenna, Drayinna
First Cousins (Once Removed) Aleksei, Orren, Karina, Coraline, Finn, Inna, Lekalta, Lyanna, Hallen, Indi, Arelie, Matheo, Risaela, Anduin, Vaeda
First Cousin (Twice Removed) Bennet, Oksana, Orionis, Kisetra

Oak Tree Bend Pup → Yearling
(May 31, 2015 — December 21st, 2016)

Lone Wolf
(December 21st, 2016 — January 7th, 2017)

(January 7th, 2017 — February 16th, 2017)

Lone Wolf
(February 16th, 2017 — March 31st, 2017)

(March 31st, 2017 — July 4th, 2017)

QUAKING VALE II. Subordinate
(July 4th, 2017 — September 1st, 2017)

Lone Wolf
(September 1st, 2017 — PRESENT)