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Meet Our Staff Team

Staff · PM

Primary Account: Spirit of Wildwood

This is the general use staff account. If you have a question for the whole staff team, it is recommended that you contact this account for assistance.

Shadow · PM

Primary Account: Serach

Hi everyone, I'm Shadow and I'm one of the owners of RoW. In addition to playing Serach, I handle all of the backend maintenance of our forum. I live in D.C. and work full-time as a web developer. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about the game!

Sarah · PM

Primary Account: Sahalie

Hi! I've been a long time member of RoW since 2011, and I'm the newest addition to the administration team after being a moderator for a few years. I'm in the Eastern time zone, and usually online throughout the day and sometimes very late at night. I'm always free to answer any questions and help out with any profile code boo-boos to the best of my ability! Feel free to PM if you have any ideas or any things you would like to see! (Get hype).

Super Moderator

PuppyThief · PM

Primary Account: Aideen

PuppyThief here, or just Puppy to most! Resident Librarian and Great Dane. I'm the puppet-master behind Aideen, Drestig, Orren and the newest addition baby Nalda, and you can find me online most days between 12 noon and midnight, Central European Time (GMT +1)
I've been part of RoW for since 2013 years now, and have loved every part of it! If you have any questions, worries or just general wonderment's, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM - or find me in the c-box at the above hours. I'm always ready and happy to help, new comers or veterans, anything you need.


Ghost · PM

Primary Account: Aponi

Hey I’m Ghost! I have been playing on RoW since April 2013 and have loved all of my time here on this site. My main account is Aponi but am also fairly active on Draven and Mabel as well. I live in the EST and am most active during the afternoon and late at night but I am almost always available through slack (even if it may have offline as the status). You can also pm me of slack isn’t your thing!

Becca · PM

Primary Account: Kerberos

Hey there! I'm Becca and I've been a member of RoW since 2013. I've played plenty of characters over the years (and still do!) but I can usually be found lurking on Kerberos these days. I live in the Eastern Standard Timezone (UTC -5) and tend to be most active in the afternoon through the late night. Although RoW gets a lot of my free time so I can always be reached through a PM or a tag on Slack.

Arla · PM

Primary Account: Lachesis

Hey yah'll! I'm Arla and I play a handful of characters here on RoW including Lachesis, Greer, Cyril and Sachiel (and a few others). I've been a member since mid-2013 and I'm on the Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8). This means I'm usually online during the week between 5PM - 12AM (after work) and most of the day on my days off, aside for weekends which are mostly reserved for the real world. I try my best to pop on sporadically through the day, but I can be reached via PM or Slack.