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Meet Our Staff Team

Shadow · PM

Primary Account: Serach

Shadow labored for over 10 years to bring this site out of nothingness and make it a special place for so many over the years. They are in RoW retirement.


Staff · PM

Primary Account: Spirit of Wildwood

This is the general use staff account. If you have a question for the whole staff team, it is recommended that you contact this account for assistance.

Sarah · PM

Primary Account: Maugrim

Hi! I've been a long time member of RoW since 2011, and I've recently become the owner of the site after Shadow passed the hosting to me. I'm in the Eastern time zone, and usually online throughout the day and sometimes very late at night. I'm always free to answer any questions and help out with any profile code boo-boos to the best of my ability! Feel free to PM if you have any ideas or any things you would like to see! (Get hype).

Ghost · PM

Primary Account: Viorel

Hey I’m Ghost! I have been on RoW since April 2013, currently I only have Viorel on site but had multiple characters before the re-start. I live in Ontario and am most active during the afternoon and late at night but I am almost always available through discord! You can also pm me if you prefer


Marina · PM

Primary Account: Hrun

Howdy Y'all! I've been a RoWer since 2016. I'm a Floridian cryptid that likes drawing, plants, dogs, and birds. Currently I'm going to school fulltime, so can be a little sporadic as to when I'm available. I love teaching art and coding, so feel free to ask for art or coding help if you need it!

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arla · PM

Primary Account: Andrey

Hello there! I’m Arla and I started on RoW in 2013 with Lachesis. Currently I play Andrey & Sequoia. I live in beautiful British Columbia (aka real life RoW) and available in the weekday evenings + occasional weekend afternoons after hiking with my dogs. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or message me on Discord!

Tasha · PM

Primary Account: Vayko

Hey, I'm Tasha! I've been writing on RoW since February 2012 and previously went by Namara! I live in EST and I'm a moderator who helps out with site codes, so if the site ever breaks for a moment, that's probably my bad. Always keep an eye on announcements so you know when I'm working just in case. I'm a pretty active person and I currently play Vayko, Landen and Rhaegara. Feel free to reach out to me via discord (Tasha#5042) if you have any questions about the site or just want to plot! I am around most afternoons/evenings/late nights, however my weekend availability is very spotty because of Colorguard and Winterguard.

Kristen · PM

Primary Account: Huddy