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Activity Guidelines — Official 
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Posted by Spirit of Wildwood who has 4,576 posts.

Activity Guidelines: Requirements, Checks, & NPCs

Activity is a key point to making RoW work—we require any active member to post at least once every 15 days with their character(s) to remain part of the game. Activity Checks are conducted on the 1st and 15th of the month, 12am UTC. If this isn't possible for you to post for a period of time you can put yourself on absence for up to three weeks or rejoin the game again at a later date.

Be aware that character on absence for longer than a week may be skipped in threads between 3 wolves or more. This is to allow larger threads and plots to move along even though a participant is temporarily away. We ask though that you attempt to contact the player before skipping them, to see if they are okay with sitting out for a round.


In regards to leaders and pups, some special rules of activity apply.

Leaders are expected to post 3 times every 15 days to maintain their leadership position. If a leader only posts 1-2 times for a check, they will receive a warning, after 2 checks of going below the required 3 posts, leaders will be demoted to second rank and must wait for 2 activity checks before they can challenge their way back up.

If a leader doesn't post at all for a check, they will lose their leadership and be removed from the game.

Character Removal & Rejoining

On the 1st and 15th of each month, all characters on RoW are checked for activity, and characters who haven't posted since the last check are removed from the game. This is done to keep our boards orderly and to ensure that packs and threads stay active.

If you miss a check and your account is deactivated, don't fret, all you need to do is make a new joining application, the same way you did when first joining the game, and you can be reaccepted. This applies to all of your characters, although if you have several characters who were removed in an activity check, we urge you to consider the total number of characters you're able to play.

Pack Activity

On RoW, we require all packs to be active, this is defined by: having at least 4 adult wolves played by different players on the pack rooster. If a pack drops below this requirement, they are given until the next activity check to recruit enough new members, if they fail, the pack will be disbanded.

If a pack wolf is removed in an activity check, they have 5 days to reactivate their character and be added directly back into the pack, if the wolf is not reactivated within 5 days, they are assumed to have left the pack and will be removed from the rooster.

Should the character get reactivated on a later date and wish to get back into the pack, they will have to go through regular joining procedure, either posting a "join" thread or use the OOC joining forum to get reaccepted into the pack by its leaders.

Pack Membership Requirements

To retain pack membership, a wolf is expected to regularly be within the boundaries of their home. Wolves need each other's support to survive and thrive. Wolves that go out on long journeys will not have the protection or aid of their fellow pack members, and will eventually lose the scent of their pack. If a wolf leaves the territory for longer than two months without returning they will be removed from their pack rosters, and if they rejoin they will not regain their previously held rank. A leader may agree or give their blessings for trips two months or longer, but the wolf will still be removed from the roster and must "rejoin" when they return.


If you are going on a longer absence, e.g. travelling, your characters can be put into NPC mode, this functions means that your characters will not be removed from the game and other players will act as if they are still around and active in their pack. This mode is intended for players with some seniority on the site, who have to leave the for a longer time, but intend to return. To have your accounts set on NPC some requirements need to be met:

  1. NPC is an all or nothing deal, if you want to use this feature, all of your current, active characters will need to be set to NPC for the extent of your absence
  2. NPC is intended for a longer absence, if you are only going to be gone for 3 weeks or less, you can use the absence log like normal. NPC requests will only be eligible for an absence between 3 and 6 weeks.
  3. NPC's are a special feature that will only be allowed under special circumstances. To be set on NPC, you need to contact staff beforehand, detailing the reasons behind your request and how long you will be gone. We will then decide whether to grant your request or not.
  4. Leaders cannot be NPC'ed. If you play a lead character and have to leave for an extended period, you character will have to step down in favor of another, active character.
  5. NPC accounts must be placed on absence. If the account is removed during the NPC period because the account was not put on absence at all or not for a long enough period, then the NPC status is automatically revoked.

IMPORTANT! In regards to rank challenges: If a character is set on NPC and another character wants to challenge up, the fight system will be used to roll for both characters to determine whether the challenger is successful. This is done to keep our pack ranks fluid while someone is away. Once you return from your absence, how to deal with the challenge in character can be discussed with the challenger.

Characters who are NPCs are marked as such on the rank tables with an * following their name and role. Notices also appear on their IC posts and profiles.

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