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Character Wills
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Character Wills

Hello! Are you tired of trying to come up with vague reasons why characters have disappeared from the game? That is the exact reason that players are encouraged to create their character wills! These are to be placed in the user profile along with player profiles, and example can be found on Viorel's profile. They can really be anything that you want them to be, and what you're comfortable with having your characters powerplayed doing.

When are they enforced?

Wills can be enforced after the three day grace period. For example Bob is removed January 1st at the 12:01am EST activity check, if not reactivated by January 4th at 12:01am EST, his character will for the first activity check can be enforced. If not reactivated again by January 15th at the 12:01am his character will for the second activity check can be enforced.

Examples of character wills

You can write anything you want really! Though if your will involves another character you should get permission from the other character's player prior to. Staff have written some examples of more common wills:
  • After one activity check Bob has asked permission from his leader to go on scouting mission, his trip is going longer than expected (you would need permission from the player in charge of the leader for this).
  • After one activity check Susan told her best friend Abby that she is leaving and will come back later, she doesn't give any further details.
  • After two activity checks Bob's scent is found at the edge of the map, but there is no further sign of him.

These are just a few examples, but again you can really write anything you want! But, please be cautious and make sure what you list is something you are truly comfortable with, as other players are free to bring them into play if you drop off. Staff encourage members to think very carefully before listing permanent wills such as death or maiming, as these cannot be undone.