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Bug Reports
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Bug Reports

Please report all bugs with the site in this thread, whether they are functional or appearance related. When reporting a bug, please provide as much detail as possible, including any error messages or screenshots.

Before reporting, please take a look at the Known Bugs list below to make sure if it hasn't already been reported.

Known Bugs

  • OOC Avatars unable to be added or changed
  • Accounts overwrite each others' information when switching between them
  • Guests can submit LP requests
  • Member Roster does not show all members- only members with linked accounts.
  • Inactive accounts, including SoW, should not receive REs
  • Parse [dohtml] tag when doing quick edits
  • Myalerts plugin: having alerts causes the OOC avatar of whichever user(s) you have alerts from to show up small.
  • New weather widget