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The birds without the bees — Sierra Hills 
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Oak Tree Bend Pup
Ayla Donata
Ayla, you happen to see two bald eagles engaging in a mating ritual. Open to 1-2 others

I saw you in the village playing mandolin

It wasn't often that Ayla left the safety of her mist shrouded forest, it was even rarer when she happened to leave on her own, but for some reason, today it had felt right. She had every expectation that @Corsair or @Mabel might find her trail and follow her out here, for surely it would seem odd to them that she had left without their goading but sometimes, it was nice to see the sky, without branches getting in the way and she wasn't that far from the borders at all. Besides, she was still a little upset about the stampede incident.

While the snow was slow to recede, the drizzling rain had bought a bit of warmth with it, and the earthy red stones seemed to set the red girls fur ablaze when compared to how it muted under the cover of trees. She paused for a moment to take in her reflection in a puddle, amazed at how different she thought she looked for a simple change in scenery. She didn't have Mabel's grace, of course, everything about the youngest Donata rounder by design, but she had grown into her ears and her paws. It was a relief to say the least.

It was then she caught sight of the shadow overhead, golden eyes looking up to spot the two eagles flying higher and higher into the sky. Her brows pinched as she tried to make sense of just what they were doing as they began to fly at each other, talons outstretched. A muffled shreik got trapped in her throat behind her tightly clenched jaw as they grabbed each other and plummeted to the earth. If they didn't let go they were going to crash!

Ayla Donata
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Corsair Donata
Corsair had every intention of minding his own business that day, or maybe trying to find @Chamomile to ask him for another lesson. But his energy level was high and every time he tried to settle down, he found himself up and walking around instead. When he smelled his youngest sister, he decided that he wasn’t in the mood to be alone after all and had set off after her, pausing for only a moment before crossing the pack borders. Odd that she would go by herself.

He followed her trail over the melting snow into the red, rocky hills that made up the pack’s eastern border. The rain made the path muddy, and soon enough his paws, legs, and parts of his cream underbelly were covered in dirt and grime. Mom would be annoyed, so he made a note to stop and clean himself in the creek before he returned home.

Ayla has just come into view when Corsair first heard the squawks and shrieks above him, cutting him off from yelling out at her. Craning his head upward, he watched the two birds grip each other tightly. Eyes wide, he realized that they were coming towards earth - towards him (at least in his mind). With a yelp, he darted forward to get out of the way of the birds’ plunge, still looking upwards and completely missing that he was about to run into his sister.
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hope yall don't mind me tossing Chamomile in here!

He trailed after the kids with ease, his smaller form keeping up thanks to his speed and certainly not due to strides. The Bend second had no interest in scolding them for being out here (they were almost yearlings after all) but he did wish to see what they were doing. He was supposed to be their teacher, how would either of their parents forgive him if something happened to them? Aponi had seemed nice enough but he figured wolves didn't gain scars for being the nicest, did they? Well now that he thought about it...maybe they did.

His head shook the thought out as the sound of screeching caught his attention. A look upwards told him that it was the birds. What they were doing was something he had no interest in watching. Until they seemed to head towards the earth and a yelp caught his attention. The small male quickly scattered forward to try and catch up with the kids. "Watch out!" He shouted hopefully loud enough for them to hear.

Chamomile had no idea if the eagles actually intended to hit the earth but he didn't want any of the Bend wolves in their spiraling path if they wanted to get that close.

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Ayla Donata
I saw you in the village playing mandolin

With her eyes trained upwards toward the birds in the sky she had no time to brace for Corsair's impact, @Chamomile's warning falling on deaf ears. He collided with her flank, bowling the girl clean over. A snarl was ripped from her chest with the force of it, mind working faster than her nose as she snapped towards her assailant taking some of the strength out of the motion when she realised it was just @Corsair. "'Sair!" She grumbled, her ears folded against her skull, immediately apologetic despite the accusatory look in her eye. He had bought it on himself after all.

Her attention swung back to place on the ground where the birds should have landed, except there was nothing there. She quickly pushed herself back to her feet, prancing over to where she thought they would have landed, her nose scanning over the red earth. Nothing. It was then the eagles cry pulled her eyes back up, both birds circling overhead again. "Well that was strange, do you think they were fighting over something?"

Ayla Donata