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when our worlds collide — Broken Timber Pines 
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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Risaela ???
Ever since Risaela had joined the Edge wolves around two weeks ago, she had mostly just followed her favorite grouch around. Poor Cancer probably didn’t have more than half a day’s rest at a time, but it wasn’t done maliciously. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Cancer was... well, he wasn’t kind, persay. He wasn’t unkind either, but he definitely wasn’t a sweetheart.

But Ris liked him.

So she decided she would let him have a break. Just for a day or so, where she would explore the little territories beyond Shallow’s Edge and he could have a rest from her presence. She was willing to bet that he was craving such distance, which was why she put it there in the first place.

Can’t be too clingy, after all.

This place was cool. It wasn’t a river, or a lake, but the fallen trees were neat in their own way. Plus the rain falling through the branches was soothing, and the young wolf just took a moment to stop and close her eyes, listening for just a while.

@Cancer <3
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It swiftly became normal that he had a tag-along throughout his day while he worked. Others who had been in the pack longer might have noticed that he was more prone to take naps, and yet still more often than not he would wake up with Risaela not too far away. It wasn't as nerve-grating as their first interaction had been, but it certainly wasn't something he had wanted to get used to. Cancer had very much appreciated the relative solitude that Shallows Edge lent him.

That was why, when it was well into the afternoon and he still hadn't seen Risaela, not since the previous night, everything just felt off. It wasn't that he worried about her, and certainly not that he missed her company, but he felt compelled still to set out and find her, figure out what was keeping her away. That was a normal pack thing to do, right? Check up on others when they acted abnormally?

He found her outside of the territory, somehow enjoying the drizzle that had by now weighted down his messy black fur with a thin coat of moisture. She didn't seem distressed or sad, and he had half a mind to call his duty complete and turn on back around. Maybe goad @Reyes into another run, or go on a quick hunt.

Instead, he loped to her side, silent with his lips turned almost imperceptibly downward.

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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Risaela ???
Risaela had been so distracted by the sound of the rain that she almost missed the sound of pawsteps loping up to her side. Luckily, she wasn’t spooked, and instead just turned her head to look at her companion with a confused frown. Why had he followed her all the way out her when she was giving him a day off?

”W-what’re you doing here?” she asked, tipping her head to the side in a quizzical way. ”Y’didn’t hafta fo-follow me. I was g-giving you some t-time by yourself!” She wasn’t angry, of course. In fact, she was actually really happy that he had come find her. Regardless of if he liked having her around, she really enjoyed spending time with him. Having a companion to spend time with took her mind off of what had happened between her and Matheo and Mako when she was leaving the Surge.

She missed them...

Her gaze flitted down to her paws and she let out a shaky sigh, then gave a decisive wag of her tail and looked up at him with a smile. ”You don’t have t-to be here, r-really. I’m okay by m-myself.”