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when our worlds collide — Broken Timber Pines 
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Shallows Edge Pup
Ever since Risaela had joined the Edge wolves around two weeks ago, she had mostly just followed her favorite grouch around. Poor Cancer probably didn’t have more than half a day’s rest at a time, but it wasn’t done maliciously. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Cancer was... well, he wasn’t kind, persay. He wasn’t unkind either, but he definitely wasn’t a sweetheart.

But Ris liked him.

So she decided she would let him have a break. Just for a day or so, where she would explore the little territories beyond Shallow’s Edge and he could have a rest from her presence. She was willing to bet that he was craving such distance, which was why she put it there in the first place.

Can’t be too clingy, after all.

This place was cool. It wasn’t a river, or a lake, but the fallen trees were neat in their own way. Plus the rain falling through the branches was soothing, and the young wolf just took a moment to stop and close her eyes, listening for just a while.

@Cancer <3
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