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Familiar places, lack of faces — Heartleaf Creek 
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(Trying to keep vague since she has a fight thread)

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Days Left

The aging wolf laid peacefully within the small den, curled tightly around her swollen belly. The earthy cave was dark and stale of scents but all too familiar to the mother. She had given birth to Daniel here with Gent beside her, and for the time being it seemed like a nice enough place to rest. She would be damned thought to have another child here. Be bad luck, wouldn't it? The mother sighed deeply, her exhale disturbing the dusty ground. So where was she to give birth and raise this new child of hers? Somewhere warm, cozy and safe, secluded preferably. Danica could not be too picky considering she was on her own raising this one.

<strong style="color:#8dc63f;">”Speech”</strong>


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Nia Hervok
(Feel free to join! In order to keep Nia active I'm gonna just say she managed to get over her cold)

Nia wasn't in the best of health, but her cold was gone. Her nose was not snotty anymore and her cough had left. She felt better, but was still frail and hungry all the time. Eating old carcasses and grubs only got a wolf so far afterwards. She had briefly ran into @Neo but where was he now? It had been so confusing when she was sick. Maybe she had simply imagined it. Didn't matter now though, what mattered was simply surviving. She had failed to find the Secret Woodland wolves and her grandma but she really didn't care anymore. She just wanted to feel physically okay. She was so tired and hungry.

The familiar creek added some speed to the girl's step and she practically lunged at the water, shoving her muzzle in forcibly and lapping up the water. IT was very much over dramatic but she didn't care. It was so refreshing! Nia pulled back, emerald eyes falling onto a near by cave. Maybe it was the one her mother had spoken of so long ago?