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Tulip Day
The small shadow had withdrawn some as of late, sticking to checking the boarders and scavenging regularly. She pulled her weight but avoided her pack mates. It hadn't settled right with her, Namid's death. She didn't know how to process is and didn't know how to comfort everyone. Seeing them in pain...the small wolf didn't understand such pain. Maybe in nightmares, but reality? No. @Birtie had seemingly gotten fat and now the girl wasn't quite sure what had happened to her pack mate as they had truly only spoken once. Even @Moonshadow seemed to be getting fatter. She didn't ask though. Maybe it was puppies?

Tulip roamed along the edge of the boarder before finding a comfortable place to hide beside an old log, feeling her duties were satisfactory for now. Should she seek @Solas out? They hadn't really spoken since her...confession. The girl wondered what everyone was up to, especially @Kajika and Moon. Solas was important, sure, but her alphas were always of concern.
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Moonshadow Eastfall
I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Thought they could use some girl time

With her den cleaned out, Moon now was in search of more pelts to add to the floor. For now though she decided to seek her small shadow. Moonshadow hadnt seen much if the girl in a while - since Namid's death really. She felt guilty for not seeking rhe small girl out sooner. But when the large mother caught Tulip's scent she steered in her direction. It didnt take long for her to find the inky yearling laying near a log. A low woof was released to alert her of her presence. "Hello dear" she greeted with a warm smile. She gave the girl a nudge to her cheek before sitting back on her haunches. "How are ya?" She asked hoping she was well.

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