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On and on — Heartleaf Creek 
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Leumier Ashrelle

Well, the cherry orchard had been a bust which in truth didn't come as much of a surprise to Leumier. Spring meant babies and with the constant mewling of demanding little balls of fur possibly luring in the attention of unwanted guest, expecting mothers and those already popped would be den bound. Their vigilant guardians straying no farther than a stone toss away leaving the pale Ashrelle with little chance of running into another despite, the powerful scents that remained a heavy constant in the air. In the end the fruit bearing trees offered little more than a glutton induced stomach ache, a pink stained muzzle with a matching set of paws and a dead end.

Onto the next.

Pretty shaped leaves crunched and smushed beneath the weight of Leu's paws with each step, an occasionally lowering of his head to playfully nip at the fallen vegetation and toss them about showcasing the puppish behavior that lingered well into his second year of life. Some habits just died hard, y'know? At least his lack of results hadn't dampened his mood, nor the lingering ache in his gut from all those cherries he ate. Ugh, nasty little buggers those things could be. Nothing a quick drink couldn't fix, though, and luckily for him pale ears picked up on the gentle and quaint trickle of a stream long ago. The flowing source of water kept strategically upon his left side through the treeline.

Ivory limbs altered their steps accordingly, heavy paws sinking slightly into the softening soil underfoot the closer Leu grew to the water's edge. A quick peer around with narrowed lids ensured nothing or nobody would jump out from the shadows while he stole a drink, cautiously lowering his head to allow a salmon tongue to lap at the water's surface and bring cool, refreshing water down his parched throat.

Word Count: 310
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Willow Ridge III. Hunter
<333 ash :D couldn't resist.

though i'm empty when you go

There were four new additions. It wouldn't be much longer and they would all open their eyes and began to wander. Finally, she would get a chance to educate, and watch over them directly. Maybe, it was that knowledge that had her yet again far from the safety of the willows. Of her pack mates....of Sven. With the coyote population a bigger threat than normal she really would have little excuse not to be home. Protecting the next generation. They would be vulnerable for quite awhile. She didn't doubt there was some kinda of curse upon the Ridge.

Caught in such thoughts as she trotted trotted, she now paused. Realizing how these were not the trees of the Ridge. Hell's bells how had she got this far without running into a tree? She might as well had been in a daze. "Damn it," she murmured to herself, giving a twitch of her tail. She really liked this place, and she could easily wander further to the grove. An invisible rope kept her from doing so. She ought to circle back around. She could actually check for prey this time, all while heading in the direction of home. Or, maybe she could try her luck to see if there were plants of interest. Unlikely to be used, but their locations for later could be of use.

The itchiness of her throat persuaded her to at least go to the creek. Collecting herself, she picked her way through dead undergrowth. She had no reason to be quiet but out of habit she made the effort to keep her movements soft. One never knew what else could be lurking. Sure enough there was another. Her nose did not lie. When she almost reached the bank it would have been hard not to notice the stark, white coat. A shorter fellow getting a drink of his own. Minding her manners, she did not want to startle, or intrude. "Mind if I join you?"

i just wanted you to know
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Leumier Ashrelle
Hey!!! Glad we get to write together again <3333

Relief was gradually earned with each quick swipe of his tongue at the gently flowing water, paws inching forward a bit to submerge themselves partially and cool the heated pads that appreciated the reprieve. Droplets dribbled from the pale strands of fur that lined Leu's inky lips and rejoined the coursing creek, an ivory ear twitching at the faint echo of movement from behind before delicate words cascaded toward him. Everything had a price that needed to be paid and a drink of water was no exception. His bill was due. The cost? His moment of solitude.

Honey tinted eyes shifted their attention from the void that had been the space behind his lids to focus with a quick whip of his head onto a new void that presented itself. Had it not been for a pair of bright yellow orbs nestled amongst a sea of black Leumier doubted this stranger's presence would have been separated from that of the shadows offered by the shady trees with the heart shaped leaves. What a perfect ninja. If he knew what a ninja was..

Caught off guard, but not one to be rude; for his mother had raised him better than that, a friendly wag of his fluffy tail was granted and accompanied by the warmest of smiles. "Of course. There is plenty to go around." A small sidestep made room for the larger wolf, inviting her to join him.

Word Count: 238
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