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Lavender Stark
RE: Violent thunderstorms overtake Relic Lore.
AW, please join!

Lightning sparked overhead and shortly after it came a thunderous boom that seemed to shake the world awake. She was already on the move, creating dark shadows along the ground as she walked, keeping her posture low and moving with a speed that seemed unlike her; she was on a mission. Not so long ago her mother had given birth to three healthy cubs and though her visit with them was short, she was determined to help out as much as possible while her mother recovered. She had taken a increasing interest in plants since her meeting with Emrys some weeks ago, there ability to heal intrigued her enough to want to help her mother return to her duties much sooner than normal, and though she was uncertain of exactly what she was looking for, she knew she needed something to present to her mother. She would make her parents proud by learning a skill, what more, a skill that would be much more valuable than any duty she had considered prior. Another loud boom rocked the earth after lightening shot out and Lavender found herself growing uncomfortable, a chill coming over her suddenly, soaked and bogged down with mud, she knew she should seek shelter but she was undeterred and continued on her search. It wasn't until another more frightening crack from the sky shot out that she paused, feeling defeated, and thought to seek shelter if only to quell the heavens. Her vision blurred, she moved to the nearest shade and when she no longer felt the pummel of water on her pelt she shook it out freely, happy for the relief but slightly annoyed at the set back. She hoped that eventually she could set out again to search for whatever plant could help her mother...

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Lachesis "XIX" Stark

Since the birth of his most recent litter Lachesis kept himself mostly confined to the borders of Driftwood, only slipping away for a few moments to gather food for his mate (and the caches, although the former always came first). He wanted to make sure that Lilya got as many breaks as she needed, as he could only imagine how tiring watching three children must be. The duo was a little more prepared this year—especially since this litter had actually been planned—but that did not mean the mother didn’t tire easy. Or need a walk around the territory to stretch her legs. He knew it was difficult for her to stay confined within her den, as she was a very active leader, and preferred to keep moving.

He was on the way to the borders from Lilya’s den when he caught scent of his older daughter. Unfortunately, as Lachesis changed his course, a loud rumble of thunder growled overhead, causing his steps to falter. But, the ghost was quick to recover and immediately quickened his pace as he made a beeline for his daughter. Rain had accompanied the loud booms overhead; pushing through the trees with persistence and soaking the older Stark to the bone. He knew that his daughter was capable of taking care of herself, especially now that her confidence had grown, but he couldn’t help but worry.

It did not take him long to recover the pale girl, a soft smile sprawling across his features a she approached the tree she ducked underneath. Little damp, huh? He greeted with a slow wag of his tail. What had provoked his daughter to wander during such a nasty storm?

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