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something has gotta give — Aurora Heights 
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@Capra @Lance @Vindlys Pup lesson?
look what you made me do

He'd never really thought of himself as a teacher. Or had ever had a want to be one. He'd never quite listened to his own, and had had a rough time with his young brother. No one would disagree he wasn't exactly a role model. Or had much wisdom to bestow. But the Heights was different from any life he'd had, known, or wanted. Maybe it was why he had a marmot, half alive, in his jaws, trying to call to three brothers. A strange muffled woof of sorts as he meandered to the area where most the pack gathered. He planned on a little game for them.

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Capra Argyris Archer

Cap had gotten himself into trouble… again… He huffed as he paced around near the pack den, itching to do something other than sit around and chew on a stick. He might be brave and fearless, but even he did not want to cross his parents too many times in one day with his shenanigans which got him into increasing amounts of trouble. He looked out of the corner on his eye, his face turning… that creature was still alive in Summit’s mouth! Now he was intrigued. He started to run towards him, tail wagging with a curious look in his eyes.

“M’wha’cha got there Summit?” He asked as he tried to identify the type of creature wriggling in the man’s jaw. He couldn’t remember what its name was, but at least he was trying, right? “Why’s it still alive?” He asked again, his nose sniffing and then crinkling if only for dramatic effect.