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Broken mirror — Fallen Tree Cove 
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Kajika Tallis

Kajika found himself pacing at the place they had found the evidence of the struggle. He'd left the children to sleep and Birtie to rest so he could think things over. Tulip had been missing far too long, Solas had gone after her and Kajika wanted to do his part as well. He'd stayed home while Chan was missing and when Roland had gone missing. He didn't really want to stay home again. He needed to go out and do his part to find the yearling before she ended up like Des.

He stopped periodically to sniff this place or that place to see if he might be able to find something. Too much time had passed for that too, everything had been washed away by the rain. A low growl of irritation grumbled in his throat as he kicked a stick. This wasn't happening again.

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Roland Whitebark
Roland had yet to see Kajika in a state that was anything other than compliant and pleasant, so when he heard that low growl and that small lashing out, he was immediately intrigued. He changed course and approached his alpha's side, ever docile as his yellow eyes tried to figure out what the man was looking at. After a second, it clicked.

"Isn't this all that was left of that Tulip girl?"

Her little boyfriend had taken after her and neither of them had come back, but wolves disappearing weren't so unusual to Ro. Maybe she'd come back bleeding everywhere like Ophelia or Chan's dumb dad, maybe the two were honeymooning outside of the Lore. It wouldn't matter to Roland, but clearly it mattered to Kajika. He lifted his eyes and watched the man.
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Fallen Tree Cove I. Leader
Kajika Tallis

Once again the alpha felt that he was proven right by his theory. For a time things in the cove had been happy, they'd been good times. Now he was left with nothing but worry over Tulip and the coyotes and that strange scent near the lake. He of course thought of his children and Birtie, they needed to be protected and cared for.

His head lifted to look at the wolf that had joined him, Roland. The young boy needed and place and Kajika was happy to provide it.

“That is what it seems but there's not much left of that either at this point,” he explained. It had been awhile he felt since he'd really talked to the boy.

“You wouldn't happen to know anything about what happened to her?” He asked perhaps Roland had seen something or found something that could be helpful.

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Roland Whitebark
A quiet, low-lying part of his multi-faceted personality lifted its head when Kajika asked his question, and whispered to Roland that the man was onto him, that he knew what Roland was really capable of. The more dominant and confident parts of him were quick to shrug the inkling of a worry away. It was just a simple inquiry, something worth asking when you actually cared about why Tulip was gone, like Kajika assuredly did.

Roland rolled his shoulders and shook his head, yellow eyes clear and honest as he answered.

"Nope, I don't. Never really saw much of her 'cept all the followin' Moon around. She uh... didn't seem too smart, unfortunately. Maybe she just... got herself into something and took off."

Instead of coming home. Worked for him, just one less wolf to compete with for both the alphas' attention. If only Chan would do the same.
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Tagg Eastfall
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Tagg was still sore, but feeling much better. Their healer was doing well, and he was glad their pack had found someone with talent to fill the arguably most important position. 

He was up and about more and more often, and had even started patrolling the borders again. Falling back into old habits helped him feel more at ease even though his youngest son was still missing. Maybe once he was better he could look for him, but he felt like he spent more time beyond pack borders than within them. He would have to sit down with @Moonshadow and discuss it further. 

Voices caught his attention and Tagg veered off his course to find them. One was clearly Kajika, and the other that young man he wasn't too familiar with. He greeted his alpha with a nod as he sidled up, mind wandering to Tulip and her whereabouts. Moon had expressed her concern. "I haven't seen anything either," he admitted. "I haven't seen much of anything lately though." he added sheepishly. 

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