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with fire back on your tongue — Blackberry Fields 
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Orionis Rigel
Orionis has been pup-knapped by the coyotes and dropped off in Blackberry Fields!
AW - 1-2 others please. Dated for August 21. He was captured August 14.

It happened so quickly.

They had been following the lone mother and her cub for weeks; watching, waiting… They would detour along the way, reconnecting with the group briefly before pulling away to trail after the duo once more. The mother seldom strayed away from her child, which made their plan to isolate the two difficult. It was only when the boy had set his own course that the trio had been able to set their plan into motion. They had followed the boy south, through he forest. For most of the trek they maintained their distance, but they weren’t sure the boy was old enough to decipher the coyote stench from the rest of the forest. Which worked in their benefit. They only became scarce when the boy encountered a yellow-eyed wolf as the older of the two would certainly catch wind of their scent if they lingered too long. Fortunately, for the troublesome trio, the boy had ventured on his own once more. Fair game.

Before Orionis could react the trio had surrounded him and knocked him to the ground. They bounced around, circling him and nipping at his frail body despite his protests. Eventually he grew too tired to fight back and crumpled into a small ball and desperately wishing he could disappear. It did not take long for everything to go black.

They took turns carrying him across the mountain. The sky had grown dark and hazy, which made it difficult to breathe. He had stopped fighting back when he realized they weren’t going to kill him. Yet. He was already bruised and battered; he did not want to waste his remaining strength on trying to fend them off. He would have to be strong—for momma—and flee when they had their backs turned. Fortunately for little Orionis they weren’t the smartest bunch.

It was unusually dark when he awoke and for a fleeting moment he wondered if he had died. But as he lay, with his back pressed to the ground, he realized that his chest was still moving. His lungs still working. He was alive. He turned to the trio of coyotes—all three of them fallen victim to the moon. Wait—all three of them? He stiffened, his rusted gaze blinking furiously as he attempted to wake himself up. But he was already awake. And they were all asleep!

It did not take long for Orionis to jump into action. He was hesitant at first, each step carefully calculated as he inched further away from the slumbering group. It wasn’t until their scents left his nose that he broke out into a run, his little legs pumping furiously beneath him as he distanced himself from the mutts.

He ran and he ran and he ran. Until his legs felt as though they were going to break off and his pads were raw. Orionis crumpled to the ground, his chest heaving as he flopped to the side. He’d managed to tuck himself beneath a blackberry bush but he did not know how well the cover would last. The sun had begun to rise through the haze, a glowing, fiery orb in the sky. A sign that he had survived the night. 

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Haida Coho

Aida was on the scent of a rabbit. The dark female been woken up by the sound of loud rustling in the underbrush, and as her amber eyes had drearily blinked awake she had caught a quick glimpse of a pair of slender brown ears peaking up from out of the thorny shrubs. Instinctively she had risen to her paws, and with her tongue sweeping hungrily across her charcoal lips, she had begun to stalk her prey. The rabbit would no doubt provide a tasty morning meal.

She had followed quietly after the rabbit, her dark form brushing past the thorn-covered foliage as she moved after the fresh tracks which circled and weaved through and around the field of blackberry bushes, the scent of her prey growing more potent the further she moved after it. It was when the scent grew almost overwhelming in her nose that Aida came to a sudden halt, a single paw hanging hesitantly in the air as she lowered her head to sniff beneath one of the many blackberry bushes.

The rabbit was in there, hidden away beneath tangled spiked-stems in the dark. Aida’s ears pricked up. She could hear its heart beat now as it began to panic, aware that the tip of her nose was no more than a few inches away. The female inhaled sharply again, causing a single strand of the rabbits fur to become lodged inside her nose. Aida sneezed and the rabbit spooked, darting off out from the cover of the underbrush and into the open field.

Instinctively Aida chased after it, her pale paws scrambling to get purchase in the dry dirt as she followed its zig-zagged dash right into another bush. The last thing Aida saw was its white fluffy tail as it dived down in an attempt to hide away again beneath the foliage – the second thing was its squirming body between her jaws as Aida emerged slowly from the blackberry bush, twigs dangling from her fur. The rabbit squealed as its wriggled violently beneath her teeth before Aida finally put it out of its misery with one loud crunch.

The rabbit fell limp between her jaws. Placing it down gently upon the ground, the female would have set about tearing into its warm flesh there and then had it not been for the unfamiliar scent which suddenly reached her nose...

Pale brows furrowed slightly with confusion as Aida lowered her head again to peer beneath the thorny blackberry bush she had just crashed into in pursuit of her meal. There in the dark, two rusty-orange eyes blinked back at her. Aida’s tail swayed as she eyed the pup curiously, her ears folding back in apology. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Perhaps it was the maternal instinct in her finally kicking in, but she already felt a little protective over him. The female felt the need to make sure that the pup was at least okay after what had just happened.

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Orionis Rigel

He did not know how long he laid there. The sun had begun to climb into the sky, illuminating the surrounding bushes and threatening to expose the young boy’s position. He had tucked deeper into the bush, his body coiled tight as his rusted gaze struggled to stay open. Most of his time away from his momma was spent sleeping. The trio of coyotes had continued to use him as their play thing; constantly nipping at him and shoving him around. There were a few knicks in his ears and he had lost count of the bruises littering his body. But he was alive. He had escaped. And now he needed to find his way back to his momma … wherever she was.

The thought caused a small whimper to escape him, muffled by the tip of his tail as he swept it over his maw. He couldn’t give away his location. The coyotes must have realized he was gone by now … what if they followed him to the blackberry bushes? 

He did not want to think about that. He just wanted to think about returning to momma. She was all that mattered … and she must be worried sick about him. 

As he dozed in and out of sleep the sound of thundering foot steps pulled him from his slumber. He panicked, his small body trembling as he pushed himself deeper into the thorny bush. His body was already so battered he did not care about a few more cuts—it was worth it if it meant escaping whatever monster was bulldozing through the field. He did not pay much attention to the scene unfolding beyond the bush as his eyes were pinched tight and his ears flattened against the back of his crown. It did not smell like one of the coyotes but it did not smell like a friend. A stranger. His chest heaved as he reopened his eyes, his breath hitching in the back of his throat as he met pools of amber. A soft squeal escaped him (because it was all he could manage) and he shuffled deeper into the bush. What if she was working with the coyotes? What if she was one of them?

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You realize that two coyotes have been following you.
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Haida Coho

Aida could tell that the pup was afraid. Dark ears pricked up at the sound of the boy’s squeal, her amber eyes watching the black pup as he tried desperately to back-up further into the blackberry bush in an attempt to hide away from her. Pale brows furrowed softly, her charcoal lips pulling into a subtle frown. “I’m not going to eat you, boy. Don’t worry.” Aida tried to reassure him as she buried her muzzle deeper into the bush, trying to press her nose to him in an attempt to greet him in a harmless way.

Pulling her head back out, more twigs now becoming tangled in her dark brown fur, she glanced about her in search of the boy’s mother nearby. “Where is your mother? Is she around?” She said, more to herself than to the frightened pup. When she could spot no one around the field, Aida resorted to taking in a deep lungful of air to try and sniff the pup’s mother out. Her muzzle wrinkled when she instead caught the scent of coyotes on the breeze.

Aida’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as she inspected more closely around the edges of the field, where the forest began to encroach on the terrain. Now in the distance she could spot two small tawny shapes lurking about between the trees. The female’s hackles rose in agitation. The pup would be defenceless to the coyotes if she just left him alone for his mother to return to.

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Awinita Macieo

This place was...nice. Rather secluded as far as she could tell but that wouldn't last for long, would it? It never did. The scent on the breeze was full of coyote and wolf mingling together. She could hear the tell-tale sound of a voice but couldn't make out the words that were being spoken. She arrived on the scene in time to see a defensive female -- missing the hidden child -- and two coyotes lurking.

"Maybe uh...we should just l-leave?" Perhaps had she understood the female motives for staying she wouldn't have said that but as it stood in that moment, Awinita was all for leaving. She was by no means a fighter and she highly doubted that the coyote vermin would be willing to discuss things with her.

Anxiously she shifted her weight from paw to paw, inwardly hoping and praying that the ancestors would help her out a bit. Either by giving her a clear path to take away or by shooing off the coyotes in one way or another.

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Orionis Rigel

He squeaked once more as she pushed her dark snout through the bushes in an attempt to reach him—to eat him!! He was not totally convinced by her words, no matter how reassuring they might have been, as the boy was utterly terrified. He had managed to escape the coyotes and here he was … about to be captured by a wolf! Apparently Orionis had the worst luck. Momma was going to be so upset with him!

The strange female spoke a second time, this time mentioning a word he was all too familiar with: mother. His ears twitched as they drooped, his bottom lip quivered. Dono, he managed, his voice barely above a whisper as he flattened himself against the ground. Heck, he didn’t even know where he was; how was he supposed to know where momma was? He slid forward, hesitantly at first, his rusted irises growing wide as he studied the dark female. She almost looked like momma, but her eyes weren’t as bright and her fur wasn’t as dark.

An all too familiar scent caused his body to tremble. They had found him! Two of his three capturers. He whined once more as he glanced up at the stranger. P-please, he managed, his voice hoarse as he struggled to spit his words out, don’t let them take me again! He didn’t want to be a chew toy again.

The voice of another came—a second stranger. This one was tawny in appearance—not at all like momma. Leave. That was a good idea. He nodded vigorously at her suggestion as he crept out from beneath bush, his body still quaking. It was time to go.

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