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i know you love it. — Secret Falls 
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Open for one or two. Set midday. Few clouds, 46F/8C.

Go north, he said.

Sometimes, she rather hated Shrike. Well, actually, she hated him all of the time. She hated the entire Crew -- but that was the way of it. There wasn't a wolf, coyote, or vermin Procyon had met that she didn't hate. Mild dislike -- or perhaps vague disinterest -- was honestly the best she could hope for.

At least it gave her something to do, though. The woman was not a particularly social creature, and scouting was something she was best suited for. She had traversed north, a little west, and now a little east. There was a pack in the distance, if she wasn't mistaken, but Procyon remained undecided if she wished to taste the boarders. For now, she would settle for finding the roaring falls, getting a drink -- and if she was lucky, a meal. Gathering intelligence was much easier on a full stomach.
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Shallows Edge II. Keeper

If anyone ever wanted to find Remington it wouldn't be hard. She had a clear path around the Edge where daily she enforced their borders. Happy to put her own "warning" out there to anyone who should pass by. Since her role had become official it had sparked a change in her. The good kind and she wanted to do her best to live up to expectations. She only minded how solo these patrols felt at times. But she didn't like her thoughts to turn to Hawth or Cottongrass so she quickly dismissed those things aside.After another uneventful go round she decided it was time to stretch her legs and a run was just the way to do it. Help clear her mind.

Sprinting away from the Edge she had the ideal spot too. It was near by and usually rather secluded. She pressed herself hard at first, testing the limit. She was sure she got a little farther each time she did this. As it would be no good if someone trespassed and out ran her. Heavily panting eventually she eased to a walk, satisfied with her effort even if it was probably a bit silly. Now it was time for a drink of her own. Yet she wasn't the only one.

"Hey," she greeted neither cold nor warm as she made her way to the water. This wolf had scents on her but none she knew. Though she paused to looking over her face as if she might know her.

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A warren of rabbits is hidden under a nearby tree. +3 Health