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Open to two others. Bonus points if you're down for a spree (Just PM me) || Evening, Few Clouds, 41 ° F, 5 ° C

The snow came and went, as if the world could not decide if fall was needed or not. Which left a place that would likely usually upset Spooky, dead and dull. Previous vegetation had been cloaked and crushed by the cold. So it made this place more tolerable for a fellow like himself. His nose crinkled though. It was not hard to spot the signs of a pack even out here. This place was so close to the territory that he would not be surprised if someone came out here to run him off. Hunting territory or something.

So he pissed on a tree out of childish defiance before continuing on his way through the open area.

Soon enough he would disappear back into the trees, perhaps round the territory to head back south and pick up his sister. That was if she wanted to leave the south. He would not blame her if she wished to stay. Between the tight knit trees, moss-filled forests and pumpkin patch it was an ideal location.

Just not for him.

note to self: set after this
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Tzila Achlys
Keeping the circumstances Vague based off of this thread.

She didn't know how much longer she'd hang around here. The south was a beautiful, diverse region. There was a lot that appealed to her here. But Tzila could only stay put for so long. Knowing that there was more waiting for her, the temptation to wander off would eventually become too great to resist. She was accustomed to flitting from place to place. It was her chosen lifestyle. For now, she would give the south a little more time.

Snows had fallen as of late, coating the ground, trees and rocks in a thin layer of white. However, during the daytime those snows would melt under the waning warmth of the sun. Winter was not quite here yet. But at night... At night, they remained, giving the hours of her world a eerie feel. Like now. Just the way she liked it. She pulled in a deep breath through her nose before her silver eyes snapped open. A flurry of movement ahead, not far away. The sound of something, or someone moving. Her instincts tingled, coming alive. Silently flitting between the trees, head tucked low, the dark female skipped ahead to investigate.
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Even silence could not mask one's scent. His nostrils flaring as he detected his own recent scent mixed with another more fresh, more vibrant. A female. Sadly. He did not bother looking around to see where they might not be lurking. If they wanted to be spotted, they would show themselves soon enough.

"Come out, come out wherever you are." He eerily cooed out into the setting darkness. The large male did one small circle in place, breathing in the scents around him. He could not ignore the presence of someone else here with him. Was it perhaps a ghost? Had his sister come to play tricks on him? No, no. This was all too real and unfamiliar.

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A young fawn has gotten separated from its herd. Hunt Opportunity, +8 Health