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this aint no never never land — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Wild Rye Fields II. Subordinate
Adelayde Artemieva
Non-mandatory pack hunt. All pups are welcome and encouraged to join.
Slightly northeast of the pack territory in the Lowlands (80.704, 0)
2°C / 35.6°F | Overcast - 0mph Winds | Dawn
Next round starts October 28th.
@Laike @Jessie @Risaela @Sphinx @Cancer @Alvar @Vasilisa @Nikolai @Kisetra & @Lekalta (if accepted)
hunter dem 1/3
adelayde artemieva

Mismatched eyes peered through the foggy tree line that lined the edge of the vast lowland tundra at the small herd of caribou that must of broke away from the masses for the fall breeding season. Crouched within the tall grasses, the sunflower scanned the grazing herd for any weak links, her gaze trained to spot any abnormalities. Taking down a caribou was no easy feat, finding a wounded target made it easier. On the outskirts of the herd, a wounded bull limped slightly when moving towards a green section of grass. After closer inspection, it seemed to have a large gash upon its foreleg and chest the damage certainly done by a larger bull.

With their target acquired, the Rye beta raised her muzzle to call for the pack to join her, inviting all the growing cubs to partake and learn from the adults. This time nobody was going to get hurt... Or so she prayed.

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Cancer had already been in the area, wandering around, laying down scent, when he heard Adelayde call. A hunt? The dread set in instantaneously, for any prey that required the whole pack to take down was most likely out there. Still, he set out toward the sound; no harm in taking a look.

As Ade's form broke the horizon line, so did mottled sunbeams and that blinding gold. Cancer's pace slowed as his anxiety spiked. Just as he feared. He froze, unable to force himself any further. Shit...

quick post to show can isnt gonna join & why, will be my only post unless he is addressed. c:
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Wild Rye Fields III. Yearling
Risaela ???
Risaela was not too far behind Can when Ade called them. It took her a couple moments to catch up with him and she smiled sympathetically, knowing that he had this irrational fear about being out in the fields. It was nice of him, she thought, to stick around regardless of that fear, and she wasn’t going to be the one to push him out into the Rye. He would come when he was ready.

So she just wagged her tail at him when she approached, looking up toward Adelayde’s form on the horizon.

”Be back soon,” the young wolf told him, offering him a smile before bouncing off through the Rye and approaching the beta. It didn’t take long to spot their target, and though Ris typically did not enjoy hunting, she was looking forward to doing this with her packmates.
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A young fawn has gotten separated from its herd. Hunt Opportunity, +8 Health
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Inactive III. Yearling
Sphinx Avalon
Speckled ears pricked up instantaneously in response to the sound of Ade's call, her warm amber gaze shifting away from the rambunctious antics of the cubs she took the liberty of watching over for the day instead of tracing the pack borders for the umpteenth time since her fateful return. The call spoke of a hunt inviting all and with the recent decrease of the formerly aggressive coyotes, this seemed like the perfect idea to rally the pack together and reclaim what was rightfully the Rye's. Alongside giving the growing cubs an important lesson in the functionality of how a pack worked together in hopes of earning a successful meal.

A soft rumble filled Sphinx's throat as she gave Nikolai a playful nip behind the ear before rising to her feet, no longer giving the children a chance to tumble over her lanky frame like usual. Even though the children were rapidly reaching similar sizes of their own. Man were they growing up fast. One quick bark to instruct them to line up and Sphinx was on the move toward the beckoning howl, an occasional glance over a speckled shoulder ensuring her little ducklings were all in a row while they traversed the golden sea of the wild rye until their mother's side was reached.

The bridge of her muzzle brushed against Ade's shoulder in greeting before lowering her haunches to wait for the others aside from Cancer whom she noticed lurking in the background with such a prominent look of anxiety to his face; why she didn't know, and Ris who beat her to the beta. The fellow yearling was given a nod in greeting before her gaze became drawn toward the small break away herd and the intended target. The scent of blood already beginning to tingle the senses and cause her stomach to gurgle. They could really use a solid kill like this after being forced to eat mere scraps it felt.
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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Jessie Tainn

It was only a matter of time before a pack hunt was put in place. With the coyotes gone, their prey were returning to the fields and Jessie felt more secure in allowing her members to leave the territory to go out. The Rye Queen had not participated in the last pack hunt, where everything started going wrong. When Adelayde's call pierced through the silent Rye, Jessie only considered abstaining for a moment. The monochrome woman did not want to be reminded of what first started her lover's fall but she also wanted to be able to support Adelayde and the rest of the pack. After all, she wasn't getting any younger.

The scent of other members as she approached pleased her. While the hunt was unplanned, Jessie was glad that a decent amount of members had answered the call upon her arrival. While Cancer decided to stick near the borders, one glance and the alpha left him alone, the man stiff as a board. She was quick to join the others a quick nod in greeting given to those that gathered. Jessie would not intervene in Adelayde leading this hunt, being the one that called it. Emerald eyes surveyed the lands for their choice of prey before sweeping back towards Adelayde in order to hear what their strategy would be.

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Wild Rye Fields Pup
Nikolai Artemieva
The young Artemieva was growing with some confidence in his rapidly changing body. No longer was he small and weak but his limbs were growing out quickly, at first it had been weird to get used to, almost as if this wasn’t his own body. He’d never admit the minor freak out that he had when he first got a good look in the reflection. but he liked it and he could live with it now/ He was getting faster as well, and taller. He threw glances at his father, wondering if he’d ever get that big or even larger one day.

The pup had been spending the evening with @Sphinx and his sister when the call went up. His ears shot up and his tail wagged at the idea. Finally! He had been curious about how the pack could work together, and now he’d get a chance to see. To prove himself as well. Usually, the calmer of the two his excitement got the better of him while they were following the yearling. Prancing from paw to paw the young boy was doing his best to sit still, his fiery orange eyes darted toward Cancer as they passed by.

Licking his lips he stepped passed the yearlings and bumped his mother’s cheek with his nose before settling down next to her, his ears perking intently as he looked around. “So how are we gonna do this? Ambush? Charge at them? DId you think of what would happen if one of them fights back or if the plan goes awry mom?” The moment he said it, his anxiety at the idea of something failing reared its ugly head. He was sure they’d have a plan, but things could go wrong.
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Wild Rye Fields I. Leader
Laike Artemieva
PPing Deacon bc I can

He was a bit delayed to arriving. Alas he had found Deacon and pulled the male along to come hunt with them, the extra support would be nice and would not go unneeded. The two of them would move together through the Rye towards where his wife had called out. Laike spotted Cancer standing far out from the group and although a brief frown crossed his features he simply offered a small chuff as his neutral looks returned. "Be our lookout?" He asked although he did not expect much of a reply from the male who looked so deadlocked and kept moving along with the Archer-Lyall at his side.

The father quickly offered a small nip to his son's crown. "Are you doubting your mother?" He asked with an almost teasing tone.

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Wild Rye Fields Pup
Vasilisa Artemieva

The day was going like any other, blissfully well. The youngest Artemieva had spent the majority of the day playing with her brother and almost favorite yearling Sphinx. The Tainn girl was the one she spent the most time with but Vasi really like Ris too, so it was hard for her to try and pick. Cerulean eyes peered from the brush watching the form of her littermate and playmate go at it. Just as she was ready to pounce her mother's voice rang through the trees, as if she knew Vasi's plan. Her prey quickly got up and Vasilisa shouted "Hey wait for me!" and bounded after the pair. They walked quickly through the Rye and a dark form caught the girl's eye. It was Cancer whom she hadn't spent much time with buy knew he was family. Able to tell he was nervous, Vasi deviated from Sphinx and Niko to go over to him. She didnt say anything but instead gave him a comforting lick to his chin and lop-sided smile.

Turning away from the dark man the youngest Rye pup looked back to see her brother reaching their mother. A devious grin painted itself on her creamy maw as the opportunity to resume her attack presented itself. She slunk down and stalked her way towards her family until they were mere feet from her. Almost cat like Vasilisa shook her rear end in anticipation before shooting off. Not realizing her father was also there Vasi barreled herself towards him. Attempting to put on the breaks she skidded into his hocks, tumbling head first. Coming to a stop she giggled as she laid on her back looking up at her family.

They looked funny upside down.


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That Risaela was understanding of his... situation was to be expected; she had seen what this was, and not just around the fields, and though they'd yet to talk about it, she was kind all the same. Empathetic in a way only Ris could be. As the others moved to join Adelayde, however, he was met with something shockingly similar. While he expected sneers and judgment along with reprimanding, the pack instead accepted that something was clearly holding him back and left him to it. One of the youngsters even spared a moment to comfort him, and out of sheer surprise he didn't even flinch from her touch. Some wolves might've wanted to be asked and listened to, but this was exactly what Cancer preferred; to be allowed to just be with his flaws.

Then Laike even did him one better; he gave him a way to participate without pushing him to conquer those deep-seated fears. Cancer nodded eagerly, and the concrete weighing down his legs cracked and broke away. He moved through the trees, just outside of the fields, and positioned himself. He would follow the pack as they moved, and keep his eyes on the herd as a whole while they focused on the target. This role should ultimately be useless, but you never knew when a bull was going to get brave and try to save the hunted. Cancer could be the warning bell that could save a pack member from a goring.

nvm we're in, wrf is too pure
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