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are you afraid of the ghosts? — The Wildwood 
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Aponi Donata
This is dated beginning of December. Please note that Serach died mid-late October. for @Kisina @Corsair @Azra & @Treyah

It was really winter now, there was no denying it. The snows were no longer melting and a deep chill had settled in, stealing warmth from any wolf brave enough to leave the safety of the pack. Unfortunately for Aponi and her children they no longer had a pack, and the mountain was becoming unforgiving. The prey had moved down and away from the stone where it was easier to manage which made their hunting expeditions longer and precarious. The mother hadn’t wanted to leave behind her mate but they no longer had a choice.

Their children deserved better. They deserved a real den and other members to help warm them and keep them safe. They needed more adults than just her to teach them and entertain them and help mold them into proper adults.

So they had left, but not before Aponi had visited the cave she had deposited Serach into one more time. She never went back into the depths of it, she wasn’t that sick. But, she had made it part of her daily ritual to loiter at the entrance and speak to him and now she would no longer be able to. It had been a long visit and by the time she left the mother had almost changed her mind about leaving and had to cast the thoughts from her head as if the cave no longer existed.

She had collected the children - minus the ones who had yet to join them - and ushered them down and away from the stone giant. They had moved slowly but with purpose towards the Draw and what would hopefully be a sanctuary for them. It had been a long time since Aponi had seen her sister and hoped she was still as sweet and warm-hearted as she had been growing up. If not, the mother wasn’t sure they had many options left now that the snow blocked many of the paths back to the east.

Something about being back in the Wildwood, where the legendary original fire had started set Aponi on edge. But, she forged on and eventually they found themselves on the doorstep of the Draw. Taking a minute to let everything that had happen sink in and steel herself for the questions that were sure to come. Lifting her muzzle and calling for the Tainn Aponi watched the mist from her voice disappear into the clear sky. 

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Treyah Tainn
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At first, her brows furrowed. She knew that voice but had never heard it here. Perhaps her sister had pre-empted her own crossing of the mountain and come to visit instead? Maybe they could all cross back over together? After all, if anyone was likely to know a safe passage over the mountain in winter it would have to be Aponi wouldn't it? And they still had to go and let @Sachiel know about his new siblings.

Treyah gave her children a nudge as she moved towards the borders, "I'll be back soon, so just wait here okay?" Not that she expected her request to be heeded (they were her children after all, and while the desire to wander might have skipped her, it certainly made up for it with her youngsters).

The Tainn approached with a wide smile on her face, her tail waving happily over her back, after all, family were coming to visit! But her stride faltered and her smile quickly morphed to concern as she looked over the small gathering. She kept up the welcome wave of her tail as she moved in to press her nose to her sister's cheek in greeting, keeping her voice whisper quiet while she was close. "What happened?" Aponi had never looked old to the younger wolf but now, well she wasn't sure if was the time they had spent apart, or something more.

Her stomach clenched, she really hoped it wasn't something more.

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