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traverse these golden lands — Driftwood Surge 
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Lilya Valrorys
AW - Maybe @Lachesis? Preferably she'll be at/over the border by the time someone else joins in

By gods, they always grew so fast. Every year, it was like the year just ran past her, leaving her dizzy and almost out of breath. They were already old enough to hunt, almost indistinguishable from the adults… almost. They had been quite the troublesome brood, but weren’t they always? She found herself creeping alongside the lake, a deep breath as she looked at the water, the snow falling, crushed under her paw steps. Lilliana and Lavender had done the same after they were born… and next year, should the universe be permitting, she was almost certain the same would occur.

They were all creatures of habit, and while the Surge had certainly seen better times, they’d also seen far worse. They were holding fairly steady with their numbers, and for that she could only be grateful. Her nose twitched, a shiver down the course of her spine, the cold setting in as she shook her head. Without another thought, she turned and started heading back towards the Surge.