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Love of the Sea — Willow Ridge 
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and with a spark its going to be

It was well into breeding season. Though a chill was still in the air there was a warmth in the hearts of those parents to be. Ravenna was one of them. A parent already, of course, though the woman did not plan on cutting off short at one litter. Though Freyja seemed content at her mother's side, to learn how to be a queen in her own right, Ragnar's heart was anywhere but the Ridge. They were grown now in their own right, able to hunt for themselves and protect themselves. A new generation of children was due now for not only the benefit of the pack and their bloodline, but for Ravenna and Blitz themselves.

Ravenna had every intention of 'staying single' for an untold future. After all, she had witnessed far too much breakdowns in wolves from loosing their loved ones. Though she couldn't not help her feelings for the black seaborn wolf. It started out as a friendship from a young age, then a sire to her pups, then a loyal and strong Lead Guard to their pack and a great father. It was hard not to care, to love... When Blitz wanted to make things official, she was afraid, he knew she was and why so, but she could not object. Perhaps that was how her mother had felt.

Maybe she was already pregnant, maybe not. Either way, the silver queen slithered round tree and bush in her homelands, marking as she did so. She sought out @Blitz this late afternoon once more, sure to make the night of many worth remembering.

the biggest fire they've ever seen
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