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Out of it all — Larkcall Lowlands 
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Avella Archer
Takes place close to WRF. @Vasilisa

Somehow the agouti masked wolf had made it through the last few months on her own. Many times she'd considered returning home but always made the choice to keep going. Avella had convinced herself that it would make her stronger. She had lost all of her puppy fat and was skinnier than she should be but she was making it, that was what mattered.

Somehow she had gotten turned around in her many months of travel in search of food. She was so used to the forests and mountains that when she came to the grassy terrain she wasn't sure what to think. The dark faced girl stayed at the edges of it for a long time before finally venturing out into the grasslands.

Avella spent a few days exploring before she came to a place that smelled like a lot of wolves. It made her think of home and because of that she made sure not to get too close. Her curiosity still got the better of her as she ventured a little closer than she probably should have.