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Dead Empress Backwater III. Medic
Clover Assana
It seemed she was the first to arrive, and she stopped next to Viorel, returning the affectionate gesture in turn. Another soon appeared, cloaked in blacks and greys, and someone who she did not recognize but still carried the scent of the others. Clover returned the nod but also offered a smile, hoping to start their relationship on friendly terms even if it was not the time to become properly introduced.

In quick succession the others appeared, each with varying levels of eagerness. Her gaze then turned to Viorel, and she listened as he spoke, her ears perking up with elevating excitement, silently mouthing the new name of the pack they were creating. This would be their new home, and she would do her best to make sure it was prosperous, and that their legacy would go on. She grinned widely as he finished speaking, lifting her chin to look up at the sky as another howl poured from her lips, filled with joy and determination.
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Sharlee Valle

Once her joyous call had died Sharlee didn't waste anytime making her way to stand at her cousins side. She thought it was important for her to he there to show her support. She didn't want to show it just in voice but in body as well. As Viorel's advisor she wanted the others to know that she supported him fully. When she finally arrived many of the others had arrived as well. She smiled at each of them glad to see they all too had come to support Viorel and welcome a new time for them. Part of her felt that this showed that the things she had said to her cousin when last he came to her were true.

Her gaze went to Vi as he spoke introducing them to their collective name as a pack. She was proud of the speech he gave and how well spoken and thought out it was. It was just another example of how fit he was to take his place as leader of their pack. When he started his howl and Clover joined in Sharlee felt the charge of the moment. She didn't hesitate to raise her muzzle toward the sky and join in their song of joy and claiming. A song that said they were finally home after all that had happened. 

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Vayko Valle
what i really need now is a double shot of crown

Vayko grinned a toothy grin at his cousin’s response, listening to his words as he let him handle the public speaking. Vayko had many skills that would aid him well, but he recognized that he was still rough around the edges. Modesto would guide him and in time he had no doubt he would grow into a strong leader, but for now his charisma simply did not hit home like Viorel’s did. He felt a puff of pride in his chest at the words, pulling his head back as his cousin did to howl with him, opening into the sky as they claimed the land they had been eyeing and scouting for weeks now.

They had done it, and yet Vayko could not help but feel as if the hard part was only yet beginning. They were going to raise some hell, but now they were responsible for others. They had been before, but it was different in a formal structure… it was all different. Still, Vayko was nothing if not a man who was eagerly ready for a challenge. He could do this, of that he had no doubt. The wolves in front of them were strong, and together they would not only survive, but they would thrive.

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Katna Valle
She was...late. Not that she grasped that entirely, but it would be obvious to any who witnessed her presence. She hadn't even fully arrived to mix and mingle with anybody that gathered round. She was not too horribly far off, though. Close enough that the presented strength of a collection of howls almost startled her! However she collected herself and simply chimed in. A low, aging call of her own in the collection of voices.

Even if Katna did not seem fully present some days, her presence was indeed here amongst them. Another wolf branded under the name of Dead Empress Backwater.
katna is showing signs of mental decline
as such, she might be unreliable or confused

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Modesto Valle
There gathered so many of her nieces and nephews. They were still a family yet and Modesto, though longed for the smell of salty sea air, was happy she could be here. For them, at least and of course for herself. She could help to guide the youth into the next chapter of their lives, to help raise the next generation to come.

There were only two strangers- females. By the way which her young twin of a nephew nuzzled her, Modesto could be left to think perhaps he had already been ready to take the next step as leader. To take a strong mate, to ensure the future of their bloodline. Modesto could only hope Clover would be good enough by living up to her expectations, present herself as a strong Valle and birth promising litters. Maybe, maybe, but perhaps Modesto was expecting too much of the babe.

Her eyes befell the group once more, a keen orange attention. They began to sing and then joining them, a voice which she had heard time and time again. A voice which had sang out as the matriarch of the Valle's for many moons. Her mother. Never forgotten by her and though she was still off from the gathering, Modesto would smile. She then too lifted her muzzle, a deep and haunting howl coming from within.
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Andrey Valle
He was uncomfortable but he did not want to disappoint his brother. He would support him for now but he did not know how long he planned on staying here. They could pretend all they wanted that this was home but it was not his home. He belonged along on the coast. Chasing seagulls and plucking oysters out of the shallows. He missed the way the salt water made his pelt feel; the sand between his toes. Everything was wrong about this place.

But he would stay. For his brother.
Until he decided that it was time to find his way back to the Estuary.

His ears twitched as he listened to his brother address the group; his chocolate gaze was fixated at his paws. One by one the gathered wolves swung their noses to sky, their voices intertwined with his brothers. A pit formed in the depths of his stomach, gnawing hungrily at his insides. Exhaling heavily from his nose he reluctantly turned his muzzle to the sky, offering his own voice alongside his packmates. His song, however, was short-lived. Once the others had joined in he lowered his nose, his gaze sweeping around the gathered wolves once before he uncoiled himself from the ground and retreated into the trees. He would deal with any repercussions later, but he had been present. He sung his song. That was enough for him.
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Viorel Valle

My love's the type of thing that you have to earn

Their songs joined together, their voices twisting among each other and intermingling until they sang out united. Some were shorter than others, and some more boisterous, but they were all there. The wolves of the Dead Empress Backwater. Viorel was relieved to hear the sound of his grandmother’s voice in the distance, she might not have made it to them but she was somewhere nearby. The Valle’s man howl hung long and loud in the air before finally fading into quiet. He took one more moment of peace, looking around at the member’s of his family, and the retreating form of his brother. A triumphant smile graced his muzzle, and a determined look glinted in his eye. There was a lot of work to do.

And when you earn it you won't need it

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