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Dead Empress Backwater I. Leader
Viorel Valle
March 11th 2021, no post order

My love's the type of thing that you have to earn

Everything was falling into place, and now on the day of his twenty-second moon it was time. Standing near the still frozen backwater Viorel took a moment of silence and peace to look around at the meeting place. The dead empress trees still littered the ground, but somehow this area no longer felt diseased or dead, it felt full of life, of promise. The thaw was slowly coming, and with that also came the expectations of new lives, and there was no way his pups were going to grow up without a security system.

Most of them were Valles, and the others that joined them had proved themselves to be just as worthy to stand amongst them. Everything was about to change. A confident smile stretched his salt and pepper muzzle open, this was going to be the start of something great. Blunt claws scratched anxiously at the icy ground beneath him. Suddenly Viorel threw his head back and called for his band, the tone was pressing importance, but also joyous. They would know what that meant.

As the howl faded from his jaws, the Valle man watched his breath fade away into the open skies above him. This was just one more final moment before what he was sure would be a mountain of work, but work that he was excited for. For now though, he waited. Waited for the beginning.

And when you earn it you won't need it

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Sharlee Valle

For weeks Sharlee had been preparing for when their group would become something more. She'd also worked to prepare herself first thes riles that she would have as Advisor to Viorel. She was both excited for what the future would bring for them and a little nervous. An important lesson she'd learned during the last few months was that no matter how much planning they did something they weren't expecting could happen. Even having learned that she was determined not to let it get in the way of their plans. 

Everything else they needed to do to make things official were also falling in to place. Now all that was left was for them to bite the bullet as they say and do what needed to be done. So when she heard the call of her cousin sge knew the time had come. They were no longer a band of family as misfits who'd come together to get through the winter. They were a pack. It was time for the real work to begin and Sharlee was more than ready.

To show her cousin and everyone else that she was she raised her muzzle into the air. After a deep breath she release a joyous long call in answer. Finally they would all have a place to belong to once again. 

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Dead Empress Backwater III. Medic
Clover Assana
Clover had been exploring the wooded lands, hoping to find signs of early budding medicinal plants so she could begin to catalogue what she had, and what she would need to venture forth further away to collect. The thaw was only just beginning, and so the ground was still frozen nearly rock solid, but she had hope that soon plants would begin to regrow in full bloom, and she could finally set up a proper medicinal den for all her needs.

Her attention was pulled from her search by Viorel's howl, the joyous tenor of it filling her with determination and a little bit of exhilaration. The time had come where they would officially announce as a group that they had staked their claim on the woods, and after hearing Sharlee's returning own joyous call she joined in with her own, hitting a melodious and rejoiceful soprano. As her call faded away she decided to abandon her search and return to Viorel's side, so that they could all celebrate together as a group, and properly begin planning for the future.
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Modesto Valle
It was with a proud step she moved, as forever and always. To the beckoning of her nephew and into the heart of the fallen empress field. She too, would call out to her family in cheer. Despite her being the most aged within the ranks, she had decided that she could have this as an advantage. Modesto was a woman who often could find ways to use her situation to fit her best. As far as she were concerned, the young budding adults would look up to her, need her. She did not wish to simply fade away- not yet.

Here, the forestry was light and airy with a multitude of beautiful trees to be more so come spring. It was not tangled, dense and confiding to which it blacked out the heavens. A pleasant place and the field was as such, open and plenty of water through. It would have to do.

Modesto toed at the edges of the frozen backwater to meet those already presented. It was the first time she had felt like a pack wolf since her forced disbursement. Orange eyes looked over her niece and nephew with a smile and to Clover, a sharp nod and a watchful eye.
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what i really need now is a double shot of crown

Vayko had been waiting for this moment. It had finally arrived. He was okay not being a king immediately. He knew no one would take him seriously until he was ‘of age’. He thought it was rather stupid when the distance was only a month, but he was content to take his crown then instead of now. He knew it was time, a proud grin on his features and a determined look in his eyes as he stood close to Viorel, listening as the call rang out. His heart raced in all of the best ways. “Are you ready?” He asked, a softer look than the boy usually held on his features.

They had been planning. He had already picked Modesto to be his advisor when the time came because he trusted his aunt’s judgement and she had never steered him wrong before. This patch of land had been chosen and meticulously scoured. The den locations calculated as their plan started to fall into place. Vi knew what was expected of him this season and he was handling it… it was all… successful. He had confidence, had faith, that they would build an empire that would rival and perhaps even surpass that of their homeland. They just needed time, and people they could trust. Those were two things fought for, but he felt as though they had both, even if it didn’t always seem like it.

He was excited, and proud of all they had accomplished in a few months. It wasn’t the Estuary, and it wasn’t the sea, but it was theirs, and he was damn proud.

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Andrey Valle
He still did not know how to feel about settling in this strange place. Sure, they had reunited with some more of the Estuary wolves but it was not the same. Nothing compared to living by the seaside… this place was too… woody. There was too much land. It was unsettling and he was still desperate to find his way back to the coast he loved so much. But, for now, he would appease his brother and go along with his pack-making. At least until winter waned. He still did no know which direction home was in and knew it was foolish to try and embark on a quest back to the coast -- especially if he ended up going out on his own.

His brother’s call (unwillingly) lured him from his quiet brooding. He moved with a leisurely pace as he was in no hurry to get to the meeting place. Andrey knew that his brother and cousin had been working hard over the weeks he had been gone but the yearling could not bring himself to be enthused. It was not home, and would never be home -- no matter how hard they tried.

He approached quietly, a soft frown etched across his dark features as he stood adjacent to the accumulating group. His mahogany gaze turned to his age-mates as he waited, impatiently, for the purpose of the gathering to unfold.
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Dead Empress Backwater VII. Subordinate

Viorel's call echoed out over the horizon, urgent, and joyous, and full of promise. Wasting no time, the woman set out towards the source, leaving her partially cracked ice behind. There would be time for a drink later, but for now she was much more interested in whatever he had to say.  

Some of the others were quick to join in, their voices carrying the same notes of joy and excitement as Vi's had, and causing anticipation to swirl in her stomach. Whatever this was, it felt like progress, and that progress could not have come any sooner. Somehow it felt like this was the beginning, and all that had come before was simply the precursor to now, to the future, and she was excited to see what it would bring.

Vanadis quietly took a seat, her pale gaze flickering briefly over the wolves who had gathered, before finally falling upon Viorel. Hopefully this would be interesting.

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Xulia Valle
This was going to be hard for her to accept her role as a subordinate. Xulia had always wanted to lead, always felt that it would be part of her future. But if she couldn't do it, then she was okay with Viorel having that role for now. Just so long as no one bossed her around too badly, things should be alright. In fact, she was actually rather proud of her brother and cousin for setting all of this up - she just wished she'd found them sooner, so she could have been a bigger part of things.

Oh, well. She'd do better, now.

She padded up to the small group that was gathered, eyes scanning over them all. They would be a strong pack, she decided, and settled off to the side, waiting for Viorel to speak.
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Dead Empress Backwater I. Leader
Viorel Valle
Second and final round! No post order

My love's the type of thing that you have to earn

It didn’t take long for the others to respond to his call. First with Sharlee joining in voice, but not physically in person, which was fine, Viorel had no idea how far anyone was and it wasn’t like there had been much warning. But, he was pleased to see the rest of the little group begin to trickle in one by one. First Clover, whose ear he nuzzled affectionately, it wasn’t lost on him that she had given a lot to the little band of wolves who had been strangers to her just two months ago. Then Modesto, with her ever keen eye, returning her nod the dark Valle man had a proud look on his eye. His mother might not be here but he was thankful that at least his aunt was. She was followed shortly by his cousin and brother, whose enthusiasm seemed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, Vanadis and finally Xulia. They were all here except for his grandmother, that was a slight concern but he would be sure to look for her soon.

Viorel took a moment of silence to look over their group, his heart beating fast in his chest. This was it. Nodding to Vayko’s question, a huge smile broke out across the new leader’s face, he was ready. Stepping forward he addressed everyone with pride, “It is time. It is our time. From this day forward we shall be known as Dead Empress Backwater, and we shall rule these lands. We have all learned from our pasts how to be proud, loyal, intelligent, and resilient wolves and now it is our time to prove it.” He paused, for a moment of dramatic effect. “Now, let’s let the world know that we are here, and we are here to stay.” Throwing his head back once more the leader howled into the open sky above them, his voice louder than ever. They were going to raise some hell.

And when you earn it you won't need it

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Dead Empress Backwater VII. Subordinate

Vanadis couldn't help but note, as her gaze flickered over the other wolves in attendance, that Viorel was good with words. His speech was short and to the point, but worded in such a way that even she felt inspired by it. At no point had the Argyris-Archer regretted her decision to join this little band of wolves, but it wasn't until that moment that she knew for sure that she had made the right choice.

Vana’s soot-dipped muzzle tipped upwards, as her light voice joined the chorus. They were Dead Empress Backwater. It was their time. The wolves and packs that may have inhabited these lands before were gone, unknowingly being replaced with a new generation, and this new generation was here to stay.