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you're not going to heaven [s] — Wild Cherry Orchard 
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Dead Empress Backwater I. Leader
Viorel Valle

Viorel really didn’t know what he was expecting her to say, or even what he was doing. Sure, he had had a crush on Vanadis before tonight, they had always flirted but this felt different. This didn’t feel like the casual teasing and flirting they had always done, it felt serious, like they were deciding something big. Sure, he had mated with Clover with the intent of bringing a litter in this spring, but it had been nothing like this.

Later on he would feel bad about it, about accepting Clover’s offer to have children with him, and then days later giving into the chemistry he felt with Vanadis. But, that was later, tonight he didn’t feel bad about it at all.

Her words made his breath catch in his throat, her nibble sending a shiver down his spine that somehow reminded him of the sinkhole the night they met. Nibbling at her chin affectionately, ”If you’ll have me.” And he meant it, he wasn’t sure how he was going to go back and be a boyfriend, but tonight it had dawned on him that it was something he wanted.

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Dead Empress Backwater VII. Subordinate

Vanadis had no idea what this might mean for them, or how and if things might change, but that didn't matter. Whatever it was, it felt right, and they were soaring too high for her to come down now.

'If you’ll have me.' Four words, four simple words that held the course of their fate within them. It was a choice, her choice, but her decision was made before the words ever fell from his lips. "I will." For the night, and tomorrow, and however long they could stand each other. Whatever the implications or ramifications that her acceptance might mean, Vanadis couldn't care less, because in that moment, she was invincible.

She pressed her nose into the fur at his neck, breathing him in and offering herself one more moment of silence before the night began.