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January was really, really mean to me; apologies for the wait! :/ Fade or feel free to archive at your next convenience~

"Have you seen her?" Enera then questioned. Adelard, tickled, simply smirked. "Did she show you the Chasm so you could live here?"

Here, Adelard gave a small nod, even as the girl continued without pause, "Is that how you picked it? How long were you here before we were born? If she's shy, why did she come out to show you you could live here?"

It was all too clear that he was the absolute center of her attention now. So, this was what it was to feel like a parent. What his ever-patient nannies were like whenever he spewed out his never-ending questions. Perhaps this was what fondness, affection for one's cubs, was like.

"Just a glimpse," he teased. "She spoke only to our Leaders then. Whispers of what would come..." He tipped his nose in her direction, implying that the specter foretold the girl's arrival. If anything, he wanted to further instill in Enera her childlike wonder and curiosity. If the wolves of the Chasm were lucky, Rhaegara's daughter would be more than an asset. An extension of a bright future to ward off Adelard's growing storm cloud of doubt and pessimism.

The Leader slowly got to his feet, "Enough questions now. Come on, youngling, I will help tuck you in tonight." His tail gave a slow wag, "I can show you exactly where the Spirit of the Vale came to us along the way..."
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Enera was so focused on her new friend that she hadn't realized how late it had gotten. As usual she was spewing out a string of questions without giving Adelard the chance to answer them with more than a nod. When she finally paused for breath, he teased her with an answer, drawing her curiosity every onward. She wiggled excitedly when he gestured to her; the spirit had seen her coming too!

Before the pup could being with another slew of questions, the man was rising to her feet and beckoning her towards the cave entrance and promising her to show her where the Spirit of the Vale had appeared. She nodded excitedly and bounded up the rocks ahead of Adelard, stopping to wait for him at the top. "I like you," she said when he caught up. "You tell good stories." And with that she was dancing ahead towards bedtime, pausing every few steps to wait for the adult to catch up to her before she was off again.