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Woya Macieo
Woya watched as Enera made another attempt, pushing down obvious fear and hesitation to do so. That was good, and she genuinely hoped the young girl would be rewarded for it. She seemed to have made it, and the woman grinned, about to dole out praise when wham, the kid was down again. At least this time she hadn't wiped out completely, and she even got right back up rather than getting upset. Woya beamed.

"There ya go, it'll get easier and easier, I promise," she encouraged, starting to propel herself backward stride by stride to give both of them more space.

"Yer mom's gonna be so proud of how tough yer bein'."

Marrah could be heard having plenty of fun, and popped back into view hollering for Enera to attempt a 'spinner.' Woya laughed happily, and gave the paler girl a nod that said go for it!

She'd be right here to help if either of them bit off more than they could chew.
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Enera Rayvne
had a dream so big and loud


Enera preened at the praise, particularly the bit about her mama being proud of her for being tough. Enera wanted to be tough. Her mama was tough, and she wanted to be like her mama. Before she could push off to try again, Marrah whizzed by, giggling as she spun on her side. The paler girl watched with wide eyes, worried that her friend was hurt, but her laughter indicated all was well. Then she called for Enera to try it, so she gulped and pushed herself towards her friend, building up speed.

Before she was going too fast, Enera plopped down on her side as Marrah had done and began spinning as she drifted. She giggled; it was fun. She didn't go quite as far as Marrah had, as Enera hadn't been going as fast, but she was eager to give it another go, now that she'd finally done it without hurting herself. Maybe if she was going to fall she could make herself fall like that and it wouldn't hurt again.

"Let's see who can go the furthest!" she suggested, making a competition of it.

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Marrah Macieo-Tainn

I’m Done Putting Out The Fires You Start

Marrah’s laughter could be heard all around them in the iced over pack lands. She was having the time of her life slipping and doing spinners, and now it seemed that Enera was also beginning to enjoy herself. That made it even better. Beaming at Auntie Woya she chirped, ”Your turn for a spinner!” She bet her aunt could go really far, especially since she was already so good at slipping.

It was with a grin that the dark pup pushed off again, eager to see if her or her sister-friend could go farther with their ice slip. She was ready to spend the whole afternoon doing this, or at least keep going until they exhausted themselves and needed a nap. Whichever came first.

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