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odds are we're gonna be alright — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Eros Valle
Eros blinked back at the adult. Only because the gesture was clearly recognizable did he not wonder what he was being asked to freeze for, as it hadn't crossed his mind that his scuffling about along the den floor had dirtied his face. Familiar with the routine, he did indeed still, while also closing his eyes shut tightly in case Vasco passed over them in his scrubbing.

There had been plenty of times that he'd gotten himself so messy his caretakers had needed to really rub him down, for Eros wasn't the most mindful of children. He would patiently suffer through whatever it took for the grandma to clean him up, and then go back to admiring his new treasure.

It was kind of cool that he didn't know how it'd gotten to him.
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Vasco Halex

Vasco tried to be as gentle as he could, though he was surprised how well Eros had managed to dirty himself from that small bit of wiggling. But it was hardly the now christened ‘gamma’s first bath time, and he knew how to go about getting the worst of the muck scrubbed off. To not take too long, he focused on the worst spots on the pup’s face, leaving the dust along his back – a good roll in the snow would clean that just fine.


Once he was done, he would let the boy get back to his treasure, smiling at the clear admiration in his eyes. The adult wished he could stay and let himself be enraptured in the wonder of youth as well, but there was work for adults to do, and his stomach was rumbling for the hare still waiting by the den entrance. So he bid a fond farewell and headed back out into the cold, not wanting to disturb the kid any further.