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I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart — Wild Cherry Orchard 
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He managed to draw a smile from his father, which was enough to make him feel proud though he had been around the man long enough already that he did not let it show on his features. He could feel the way he faded back into the Vayko that had arrived a year ago, rather than the Vayko he had grown to be in that time. He took credit for the pack, even if truthfully it had not been his idea at first. He wanted his father’s pride, and he would lie to get it if he needed to. He admitted he hoped to see Amondi again as well.

Vayko missed his mother.

The statement came and he offered a simple nod. “Right this way.” He offered, a hint of completion and satisfaction lingering in his eyes and his tones at the hint of warmth his father used as he told him to lead the way. He started his venture back towards the Backwater, hoping that he would be making his father proud with the healthy numbers they had, and the land they had settled on easily.

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The hint of satisfaction in Vayko's eyes filled Rochus with a steely determination. That was his in, and he would take every opportunity he could to worm his way into the pack just like he had with the Estuary. This time with his son being one of the leaders, he could only hope it would be a much easier endeavour this time around.

And so he followed behind Vayko, taking in the surroundings as it slowly changed to a more forest-like area, the scent of a strong pack border wafting their way. This place would be his home for the meantime, and he would make sure to cozy up to his children and, quite reluctantly, Viorel as well. There were many facets of his plan, and he unfortunately needed the support from these young wolves, still basically children, in order to advance. But he could bide his time.