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Woya Macieo
That was it? Blazing honey eyes bore back at Saga, desperate to see and hear more. All that seemed to follow those simple statements was silence.

Adelard or I, it echoed within her skull. He's missing. Be aware. Just let Adelard or I know. It was so incredibly anticlimactic and dispassionate, and anger began to burn inside as she felt let down. It was Caelyn's presence alone that tempered her tongue, keeping her from speaking aloud her thoughts.

Of course they all knew he was gone, of course they were keeping an eye out for him - what more was going to be done to bring their boy home? Because they could do more, plenty more and yet it felt like Saga was already calling it a cold case. It wasn't, and it wasn't a matter just for her and the alpha, either. It affected Woya, it affected the children.

She continued to stare, hard, silently demanding that Saga keep talking and say something to help quell the boiling disappointment.
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Rhaegara Rayvne

Rhaegara could not imagine being in her shoes… but it hurt. It hurt because she wanted to do more, and she was surprised because Saga did not ask them to do more. Sure, their numbers were small, but they could manage to look for the boy at the same time couldn’t they? Her ears drooped but words failed her though the concern lingered in her eyes.

She lingered, waiting to see if she would ask for anything more… and waiting to see if she would ask for anything more, or if Adelard would step up and request search parties… something, anything to bring a missing child home. If it were Enera, she’d be running around frantic… at least, that was what she liked to picture. She’d never been under that distress so she didn’t know how she would react… she feared she might shut down like Saga did.

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Adelard Gerau
Gonna wrap this up as Riven had been taken and Saga has recently left FGC at this point in time... Archive and fade at convenience...
@Woya @Caelyn @Rhaegara

Like Adelard, everyone remained in place for a time after Saga's last word. Waiting and listening for additional instruction. He peered into the Leader's longing face. The loneliness that hung in the air and the pain that seemed to linger about her made him audibly whine. There was nothing else to be said.

His tail fell limp and he turned to address the rest of the pack. "You are all dismissed," he stated. He glanced from one packmate to the other, waiting for each to excuse themselves and leave Saga be. Only when they were all gone, would he tuck his chin beneath the pale woman's chin, lift it gently, then return to the borders...
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Woya Macieo
What she wanted didn't come. Saga remained as she was, an angelic carving of atlas, bearing it all stoicly upon her shoulders. Bullshit. Adelard told them they were dismissed and Woya scowled so deeply her jagged teeth could be seen. Her anger spiked, and for a moment she merely grit her fangs together to keep the outburst quelled. She wanted to yell at them both, but what good would a scene do Caelyn, Aweho? Still, she couldn't not say anything.

Woya scoffed and pulled away from the others, clearly intent on setting out into the forest. As she left, she spoke, with clear disdain for this 'meeting.'

"I'll be actually searching for him," instead of relying on someone else to bring him home.

"Anyone that wants to really do something is welcome to join me."
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Leviticus Armstead
There was nothing positive to be said, it would appear. That was understandable, what assurances could be made when it came to a lost child? Still, the weight of others emotions in the air was growing suffocating as silence fell over the group. No one was happy, and it seemed for a varied array of reasons. Levi frowned, looking over them all.

When Adelard dismissed them, he hesitated. Woya left in an audible huff, making her opinion clear with her words. His brow creased with sympathy, but she was far from the only one he felt badly for. Levi watched Caelyn as he moved to the front of the group, ready to throw the boy a small, understanding smile if he made eye contact. He'd been in a very similar situation before, and certainly knew what it was to be a kid drowning not just in your own emotions, but those of the adults as well.

When he reached Adelard and Saga, he gave the latter a small dip of his muzzle in silent condolence before touching his nose to the taller man's shoulder. Of them all, he felt the most loyalty toward their leader, the first of them that attempted to make a friend of Levi. He wished to silently reassure the masked wolf that he was here for him when needed, before pulling away and taking his own leave.

He would follow after Woya, hoping to help her look so that at least she didn't feel alone.
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