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The Distance Has Grown — Sanguine Cove 
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Kajika Tallis
Kajika may not like the idea of Chan going off on his own but it's what his godson felt he needed to do. The older man recognized that it was support the younger man needed and not some old man telling him not to. Maybe the best way to show his godson wasn't through words but action.

So the dark man took action by pulling Chan into an embrace. It seemed that he'd finally chosen the right course as he felt the younger man relax into it. He felt Chan's head against his chest.

As the two words were utter by the young Eastfall Kajika smile, "You're welcome Chan," he whispered, "I'm glad that I can be here for you again." Kajika deeply regretted the time he'd not been able to be there for Chan and his family.

Once the embrace had ended Chan agreed they could spend time together during his visits. He also asked of they could take a walk. Kajika smiled, "Of course on one condition. You be sure to say goodbye before you take off on your adventure." The older man was still smiling as he said this but he gestured at the end for them to start their walk together.
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