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First of Many — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Eros Valle
Eros puffed out his broad chest a little as his father explained why they were Archers too, proud to be related to pretty much every one of his family members. Avella confirmed it, elaborating that his mom was her aunt. His eyes lit up and he beamed at her, the more subtle components of what she said going over his head. All he heard were familiar names, that they were cousins. It was awesome, and as she went on to explain that they were founding a pack and wanted to be friends, all he could think was that he would have more wonderful relatives to meet and new places to explore. It was a total win for everyone involved, right?

"That's so cool! Can I visit?!"
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Viorel Valle
Final post for Vi? Feel free to pp them all going into the territory together.

The leader smiled broadly as Avella explained that Vanadis was in fact her aunt, although one that he had not met. He chuckled, ”I suppose in some round about way that would make me your uncle,” he was kidding. He was thrilled though that his wife would have more family nearby, and that these ones seemed better adjusted than Sawyer did.

Gesturing over his shoulder, he motioned for them to come in, ”Please, come in. I’m sure Vanadis isn’t too far, and you must be hungry and tired.” The backwater was nothing if not hospitable, and they would have enough in their caches to have something to share. Nudging Eros on the shoulder he nodded, ”I’ve visited the old pack lands before once or twice, and from what I remember it is only a couple days away correct?” The end of the sentence was aimed at the Ridge wolves.

Falling into step beside his son he continued, ”I see no problem with you going to visit, and maybe your mother would like to join you.” He knew she missed home sometimes, and Viorel felt badly about that. They were both transplanted far from where they had come from, but at least he had his cousins in the pack, Vanadis did not. But, maybe a couple days away would be better than nothing.

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Avella Archer
It was a little exciting for Avella to learn that she had family nearby. It was also fun to meet one of last years pups. Who as it happened was her cousin. She smiled at the boy, "You are more than welcome to visit." She would be glad to host Eros and tell him whatever he wanted to know about the Archers. She then turned her smile on Viorel, "I suppose it does." She was just fine with that, the more uncles the merrier she supposed. That was how it worked with the Archers.

Avella was a little surprised by the offer but wouldn't turn it down. It would be a nice opportunity to get to know the backwater wolves a little better and even meet her aunt finally. "Thank you. Hagar and I are grateful for your hospitality." She looked back to Hagar and motioned for him to come along with her. She turned back toward the backwater leader as he asked a question of her. "That's right depending on how fast you travel." Avella knew the distance well having traveled between the heart and Willow Ridge plenty of times.

She fell into step behind father and son as they led the way further into the territory. She looked back to make sure Hagar was with her.
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The youth was exuberant, and even Hagar couldn't help but crack a toothy smile at the boy's excitement. The father encouraged his child's wishes, as well as inviting the Ridge diplomats within the territory for respite. It certainly was lucky that they were family, wasn't it? Hagar's tail wagged at his hocks as he looked to Avella, waiting as ever upon her answer.

She graciously accepted, and he nodded to Viorel to confirm that he was indeed appreciative. He followed at Avella's side, a stride or so behind and perfectly content. What could there be to guard his leader against here?
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Eros Valle
To Eros' pleasure, his father took the next opportunity to invite this newfound cousin into their home so they could better settle in and talk. He wanted to know all about her, and what about the brown guy? He hadn't talked once, that was kind of weird, wasn't it? Eros wanted to get him to start participating verbally.

His dad confirmed that he'd be able to visit this new pack, maybe even with mom- him and mom on an adventure somewhere new sounded awesome. He followed after them, sidling up to Hagar's side and chirruping questions while also attempting to keep a pointed ear out for what the other two adults were talking about...