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following the map that leads to you
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February 24th, Early Evening, Sunset, Broken Clouds, 39°F, 4°C
RE: Lenticular clouds are forming over Serpent's Pass.

Embla had travelled east from Cedarwood Forest, satiated for the time being from the rabbit she had caught and consumed earlier, she was eager to continue her exploration, cautiously advancing towards the long stretch of snow-capped mountains which peaked out from above the dense forest cover.

As the tundra wolf weaved her way through the trees, a menagerie of scents danced on the breeze and quickly became hard to ignore as she continued to journey eastwards. She soon determined that the pungent smell belonged to a native pack who had settled in territory closeby. The possibility of stumbling across one of the pack members both unnerved and intrigued the female. The potential for violent confrontation made her skin tingle with apprehension, but her innate longing for companionship compelled her traipse along the boundary between claimed and unclaimed land.

The surrounding forest grew dark as the sun began to set along the far horizon, setting the sky on fire above the towering mountain peaks. Clouds drifted slowly across the evening sky and slowly began to gather in a peculiar mushroom-cap formation above the snow covered summit of the furthest mountain range. As the sun continued to set, the edges of the cloud began to glow eerily against the darkening sky.

Embla observed the strange natural phenomenon with wonder and intrigue. To her, the display was a sign from the Gods; whatever or whoever was currently atop of that mountain had clearly summoned the spirits to communicate a message. Desperate to acknowledge the apparent witchcraft, Embla paused in her tracks to lift her head and release a howl, her voice wordlessly pleading with the Gods to grant her good fortune in the months and years to come.
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