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stepping in from the cold — Willow Ridge 
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It seemed Merrick would not be afforded any special treatment.

He was merely a guest, and an untrusted one at that, going by the narrowed gaze of suspicion that was directed towards him now.

Merrick's smile faded, and his jaw stiffened awkwardly as he offered a curt nod in response to the leader's suggestion. "Of course." He muttered, attempting to seem slightly more agreeable than he actually felt. It was disappointing to the male that he had not been able to steal a private moment with Avella, for conversation was always more tricky when there was potential for the others to listen in.

Shifting slightly further into the den, Merrick finally settled down against the firm dirt, his rear limbs sprawling out to one side as he planted his muddy forelimbs in front of him to lick clean. The male would take his time drying himself off, appearing nonchalant beneath the watchful eye of his host for the evening.

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