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resolve — Kingsfall 
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Paradise Falls XII. Subordinate
Jethrᴏ Kane
At last, Jethro was all but certain they’d arrived at the place Oksana had spoken of, so many weeks ago, now. And it was nothing short of stunning. Some of the trees here were simply massive, unlike anything he had ever seen before. While greenery had yet to return in full, the forest was showing signs of returning, and he could not wait to see everything in full bloom.

Rivers and streams were abundant, providing an ample supply of water. Trails of various prey animals were present throughout the forest, and there was a notable lack of other wolves. With the needs of food and water seemingly taken care of, and apparently a minority of others around to pose any possible threat, he was pretty sure this was it. Somewhere in this forest, was where he wanted to live. Now that he’d decided that, all he needed to do was comb the area for a specific location.

With the sun illuminating the forest quite nicely and warming things up, today seemed like the perfect day to begin doing exactly that.