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good hunting & sunshine showers — Iridescent Lagoon 
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The corners of his lips curled up into a menacing grin, confident now that the rabbit would soon be in his sole possession as he pulled back on in and slowed them both to a halt.

Merrick kept his grip tight on his prize even as the smaller wolf prootested, shaking her head from side to side as she tried unsuccessfully to dislodge it from his jaws. The large male simply held on tighter, his sharp teeth now threatening to sink deeper into the flesh of the prey and tear it limb from limb as the female worked against him.

He dug his heels into the grass again, this time to gain more leverage as he moved to yank the rabbit from her. Though as he focused all his strength, hoping to take her by surprise, the smaller wolf suddenly let go. Merrick stumbled back, the weight of the other wolf no longer keeping him balanced, before he tumbled onto his side and landed in the wet grass and mud—with the rabbit still between his jaws.

The large male scoffed to himself, appeased, as he glanced down at his takings.

Merrick's attention returned momentarily to the smaller wolf, watching her for a moment as she darted around him to pick up small scraps of meat (a consolation prize) that had apparently appeared out of nowhere. As she settled down to consume the measly morsels of flesh, the large male went to leave, barely taking any notice of her muttering.

Trotting away proudly with his tail held high and the rabbit swinging from his jaws, he would return to the protected grounds of Willow Ridge (once again soaking wet and covered in mud) to enjoy his spoils inside the comfort of his den.