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a place to rest — Midnight Plateau 
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Embla had never returned, leaving him to assume that she must have found who she had been looking for. As such, he had opted a couple of days ago to head out on his own to visit @Leviticus and the pack Al knew his friend resided with. And true to what he had told his leader when they had discussed it, he had been making good time. At least until he had reached the mountains.

Ascending and descending the sparsely populated, rocky slopes was a challenge the likes of which he had never had to contend with to this degree. He had always managed to navigate around them, to the north. But doing that would take far longer than cutting across, or so he had thought.

With the light of day fading, the mountain range had already been bathed in shadows, the walls of rock surrounding him blocking any direct view of the setting sun. The area was relatively flat, however, and would provide a decent resting place for the evening. Alarick was tired, more than he could ever remember being. His paws and limbs ached as he sought an alcove or something to rest in. But he pushed past that by thinking about his friend, and how genuinely excited he was to hopefully see Levi again.