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BWP: Tipping Point
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Could Those Be Rain Clouds In The Distance?

Could it really be? It could!

RoW is about to have three full days of steady rain. Certainly not enough to fill the lakes to their original states, but enough to deposite some water into the basins. For the remained of the next AC it is safe to assume there is minimal water in all of the previously dried spots. This means anyone who posts anywhere in the next 2 weeks can reset their health bars to full.

This reprieve will be short, and by July 15th the water will be dried up, so enjoy it while you can.

Now you might be thinking, what's the catch? Well, you're right, staff can't be that nice to everyone ;) The river that runs through Cedarwood Forest and into Iridescent Lagoon has suddenly flooded, as if the unexpected rain burst a natural dam somewhere to the west...what could be causing this? If your character is in the area be careful of the sudden flood waters, their levels seem to rise and fall rapidly.