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Flora & Fauna Suggestions
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Flora & Fauna Suggestions

The lands of Relic Lore constantly expand as more wolves explore the territories and discover new plant and animal life. If your character comes across something new, or there is simply a plant or animal that you feel belong in the realm, you can post here and relevant entries will be added to the Library.

Remember that RoW takes place in northern Canada, and as such the suggested Flora and Fauna must be fitting of this setting. Before submitting, take a look at the articles to make sure your suggestion isn't already listed, and get an idea of the information we need. Flora can be found here, and fauna here.

Please do your best to provide all of the requested information.

Flora Form:

[b]Wikipedia Article URL:[/b][b]Common Name:[/b][b]Classification(s):[/b][b]Scientific Name:[/b][b]Season:[/b][b]Description:[/b][b]Medicinal Properties:[/b]

Fauna Form:

[b]Wikipedia Article URL:[/b][b]Common Name:[/b][b]Average Lifespan:[/b][b]Scientific Name:[/b][b]Classification(s):[/b][b]Description:[/b][b]Fishing/Hunting Tactics:[/b]