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Breeding Season 2023 & Valentines Day
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Breeding Season


  • Registration opens March 1st and closes March 28th
  • There will be no cubs if you breed without registering
  • Mother's rank determines how many cubs you may be eligible for
  • Leaders will be assigned a maximum number of pups allowed from 1-5
    Subordinates 1-3
  • Loner females must register their breeding if they intend on entering the loner lottery
  • Please include on your registration: Parent's names, mother's rank, and a link to the breeding thread


  • Breeding threads cannot start before March 1st, and must be completed byMarch 28th prior to the lottery to be eligible
  • Sexual assault and pornographic descriptions of breeding are 100% not allowed
  • While subordinates are allowed to breed on a sitewide basis this does not excuse your character from IC consequences (ie. breaking pack breeding rules)
  • The pup lottery system will be rolled by staff in the official discord on March 28th at 8pm EST. This lottery system includes assigning cub numbers to leader and subordinate litters, and announcing the winners for the loner lottery system. Please note, leader and subordinate litters can be smaller than the number rolled, but not larger.
  • Once litters have been rolled parents can submit pup information to Spirit of Wildwood account, including but not limited to: names, sex, fur colour, alignments, and any other information of your choosing!
  • This year 2 Loner Lottery Litters will be up for grabs!
  • A reminder that while RoW supports a wide variety of gender identities, litters can only be conceived by a female sexed wolf and a male sexed wolf.

Cub Lottery Night!

Cub Lottery Night will be held March 28th at 8pm EST, but how will it work? Well, below is an outline of how the night is going to run down. If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread!

Leader litters are rolled first, the parent accounts will be tagged on discord and then a d5 will be rolled in the official-fight channel. The number rolled is the maximum number of pups in the litter, though parents are free to have fewer if they wish. Following each litter roll, a date will be assigned using a random number selector, choosing a number between 60-64 and the corresponding date being the assigned birth date.

Subordinate litters will be rolled second, and the process will be the same as leader litter rolls, although using a d3.

Finally, it will be the Loner Litter Lottery!
Based on the order that loner litters registered in the official registration thread each loner litter attempting to breed will be assigned a number (ie. if there are 5 pairs attempting, couples will be assigned a number 1-5). A dice will be rolled with the corresponding number (ie. a d5). The first 2 numbers rolled will be the successful loner litters for 2023! Following this lottery the mothers will be assigned a birthdate using the same method as the litters above.

Litters that may have multiple fathers will be rolled a little differently! A dice will be rolled equal to the number of potential fathers, and then a dice will be rolled with each potential father's name. This means there may be multiple fathers in one litter!


  • A large thread with all available cubs will be posted in early April
  • Players may apply for multiple cubs
  • Parents may pre-reserve cubs
  • If a player has not been found within 2 weeks of a cubs birth they will die. Cubs will also be considered deceased if they are not brought into the game in the AC after they become available. IE. If your pup is available to play June 1st, they would need to be activated by June 14th or they would be considered dead.
  • If you're interested in a cub please pm both parents with your application. Please include in your app: Your name, current characters, how many other pups you've applied for, a roleplay sample, and anything else the parents have requested


  • Cubs are born 60-64 days after the breeding thread occurs, the exact date will be rolled as part of the cub lottery night
  • You may not back date or pre date birth threads. The day the thread is posted is the day the pups are born. If you absolutely must post your thread early due to in real life constraints, please message staff to get special permissions!
  • If the mother goes inactive during the month she’s supposed to give birth the other parent has until the end of the month to write a thread where the Cubs are “found”
  • Labour may be described graphically but please mark your thread {M} accurately
  • Cub accounts can be made at any time, but parents please do not add them to the pack until they've been accepted to the site
  • Cubs are playable 3 weeks after the birth thread is posted


Here's The Mail It Never Fails...

It makes me wanna wag my tail!

Gather around, folks! Cupid has brought a sack of...mail?! That's right, Valentines have arrived! This season of appreciation has brought us an abundance of joy in the form of virtual cards.

If you find you are missing a valentine (either sent or one for you!), please reach out to staff! Cupid sometimes gets things mixed up in flight. ;)

[Image: 8xhpNn4.png][Image: o3bjyG5.png]
[Image: UqUtQBV.png][Image: ivmcoMQ.png]
[Image: xIdiprA.png][Image: ZiG7HEW.png]
[Image: Na7U03C.png][Image: Prusy5S.png]
[Image: Hx1k4xt.png][Image: lF85b5S.png]
[Image: UD34N4U.png][Image: dKOMTI6.png]
[Image: gIyxAxu.png][Image: 3y6gZOU.png]
[Image: qcDI8s3.png][Image: NSlhup8.png]
[Image: QEnUkV5.png]

A huge thank you to becca for making these for everyone!
thank you all for the valentines, such a heart-warming thing to see <3 Becca did such a great job, they're super cute!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! And happy breeding! ;) Thank you for the love. <3
"Moon Mother,
bring us your light, for the night is dark and full of terrors.