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Myriad Paths - Grand Opening!
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Come join a sprawling world filled with magical abilities and mythical creatures, where every character is a protagonist! Explore regions filled with treasure and danger.  Control the elements, summon the wind and rain, or raise an undead army. Play hearts with the strings of your lute, craft powerful weapons, or tame wild beasts to serve you. Perhaps even forge your own path, one unheard of among the myriad.  Myriad Paths is a literate RP based on Chinese Xianxia novels, such as Jade Dynasty, I shall Seal the Heavens, Reverend Insanity, Renegade Immortal, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Heaven Official’s Blessing, Tales of Demons and Gods, Douluo Dalu, and Cultivation Chat Group. For those of whom these names do not ring a bell, you are nonetheless welcome. Myriad Paths is set in an original world, and no prior knowledge is needed!

Our site features:
  • An expansive world filled with numerous biomes to explore!
  • A wordcount-based progression system, which allows for nearly any abilities you can imagine!
  • Discover, earn, or purchase crafting materials to forge powerful weapons and miraculous medicines!
  • An entirely *optional* combat system, which may be used in conjunction with the progression system to determine victors in PVP and PVE battles. Currently in testing, with balance changes being made to ensure a fun and fair environment for those who enjoy such things!
  • Includes provisions for any desired background, including non-human options, such as plants, beasts, or even living stones! This includes settings such as transmigration, reincarnation, regression, and more!
  • Create your own faction in a living world that will be developed by the actions of members!
  • LGBTQIA+ Friendly!
Myriad Paths, One Dao. What will be your path to immortality?