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Vulpinae: Animal-Human RP
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Site Link: https://vulpinae.jcink.net


We're an original post-apocalyptic animal-human roleplay set in Seeley Lake, Montana, after a worldwide nuclear disaster. Ordinary humans, Tainteds (animal hybrids), and Shifters (animal transformers) co-exist in a shattered society where survival is an everyday challenge. Our story focuses on the daily operations of Camp Forge: one of the largest post-catastrophe safe havens within the United States. Residents of Camp Forge work to survive and thrive in the wastelands: scouting for fuel and food, fighting irradiated creatures, and defending their home from raiders.

In the year 2055, many of the world's largest nuclear facilities suffered a catastrophic cyber attack that caused mass overload and simultaneous destruction of dozens of reactors across the globe. This triggered a worldwide nuclear fallout as dozens of nuclear facilities melted down and exploded, releasing deadly radiation that eradicated roughly 80% of the world population. Radiation storms plagued the world that was left, mutating the humans and animals that survived and further poisoning the wastelands.

Those that survived gathered together in makeshift camps. These camps tend to share similar traits due to the devastation of the world's infrastructure: bare-basic electricity, rough housing, strained food and weapon storage, and constant need for armaments and guards. Camps are regularly attacked by roaming bandits and irradiated creatures of the wilds. The fallout left much of the world dead, and it forever changed society in multiple ways--killing most but oddly mutating the survivors (human and animal alike). It's up to the survivors to rebuild and survive.
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