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Listen up, let me tell you a story! On about 4 very different wolves and their future within Relic Lore. Some are coming to the end of their time here, while others are only just beginning, but they’re all looking for some new interactions, and some for participants in more specific plots.

Click a character above or scroll down to learn about them and the plots they’re cooking – I’m open to more casual/undefined threads as well, but hopefully the named plots can give you some ideas of what they’re up to and who might be more interesting to toss their way.

Feel free to reply here or hit me up on discord to discuss any threads! (I prefer to do most of my plotting IC, but am open to tossing around ideas loosely beforehand) Thank you all <3

Leo is the two-year-old aspiring guardian of Sanguine Cove, residing in the southern part of Serpent’s Pass. Working hard to live up to his father’s memory, his always pragmatic nature is turning even more rigid, as he leans strictly into his lawful alignment – but some softness might still be found underneath, if anyone dares dig deep enough.

Current Open Threads:
The Silence (Subterritory Discovery)

Plots Looking for Threads:

Out There

Leo is extremely attached to his home. He has spent the vast majority of his life sticking close to Sanguine Cove and Lost Lake, and worries what might happen whenever he is away – perhaps just the slightest bit agoraphobic.

But he cannot stay on the mountain forever, even if he’d like to, he just needs the right reason…

Just a Little Love

So far, Leo hasn’t had much opportunity to explore his sexuality or any real Romance, his mind generally preoccupied with his duty and supporting his pack. But as he grows more into self-confidence and (hopefully) gets out a bit more, I would love for him to have some opportunities in that area. He is open to relationships with all genders, though very naïve about all things romance, and would definitely need someone else to bring him out of his shell.

Guardian Discipline

Leo is training to be a Guardian and will be going the way of the Disciplinarian – focusing on upholding pack law and enforcing his leader(s)’s decisions. This could include correcting pack mates’ behaviours and punishing law breakers, as well as working his way up the hierarchy, eventually aiming for Second Rank. He would also love to teach and train the new yearlings, passing on his love for the pack and its laws.

Vasco is current second and advisor of Dead Empress Backwater, near the heart of Relic Lore. He has enjoyed a year of prosperity and prestige, seeing his family line grow and thrive. But many cracks have formed in this perfect life over the last few months, and their effect are starting to show in both his demeanour and the increasing frustration and desperation of his actions.

Current Open Threads:
Plots Looking for Threads:

Last Stand

It is inevitable, Vasco is on borrowed time. Already he has made a dangerous enemy of Vayko, and likely alienated more of the pack in that same process. A second challenge looms on the horizon, one in which he might not have as much luck. His desperation is palpable, and as he fights to maintain his grip on power, his carefully build façade is going to slip more and more. Outbursts of anger and irrational behaviour are becoming more and more likely, and any day now, he is going to do something truly desperate.

Apolline just turned one and became a loner again for the second time in her short life. With her parents now nursing a second litter, her jealous streak is about to flare up, possibly bad enough to make her strike out on her own – at least for a while – exploring the full range of the Eden’s and perhaps beyond.

Current Open Threads:
Plots Looking for Threads:

You won’t even notice…

Jealous, self-centred and headstrong, Apolline is less than happy about the idea of adding even more siblings to her already large family. She already feels that her parents are not affording her enough of their attention and that only seems to be changing for the worse. This means she will be acting out and cutting herself off even more from them, perhaps even looking to cause some real trouble in an effort to garner some of that attention she craves so badly.

Not all Thorns?

Apolline hasn’t been able to make many friends – entirely due to her own, antisocial tendencies – and, though she would never admit it, she is feeling rather lonely. Though she has mostly written off the other pups of Sanguine Cove, I would be open to attempting to form a connection, or else, as she travels more, for some of the other youths around the map to potentially break through her walls.

Flair is one of the leaders of Paradise Falls, tucked away in the redwoods of Kingsfall, in the north-western corner of Relic Lore. She is a new mom, and after the tragedy of her last pregnancy, she is especially anxious, bordering on paranoid. She currently spends most of her time with her children, but might pop out every so often to interact with her pack mates. She has however restricted herself to the safety of her pack territory until further notice.

Current Open Threads:
Plots Looking for Threads:


Flair’s full focus is entirely on her pack, whom she all view as family. While she is open to recruiting new members into the group, she is also sceptical and fiercely protective, valuing their current group’s safety above all else.

In the coming months, she will mostly be looking to tend to her pups as well as support Finley and her family – the yearlings especially, as she is determined to ensure that they don’t feel neglected in any way. She is open to any threads with pack members, relating to pack roles, work, or just casual interactions.

eros and leo? :3 been meaning to have a thread of him at the falls between deb and sc looking for archer and kat...
(Jun 05, 2023, 03:00 AM)Clouse Wrote:  eros and leo? :3 been meaning to have a thread of him at the falls between deb and sc looking for archer and kat...

Yesss!! I just need a reason to get him down there, perhaps he could be looking for @Stella, depending on how winter wants to play her absence/return?? :3
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Definitely down for a thread with Vi and Vasco now that they are both acting prickly!
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apple and ad thread to commiserate sister bond?