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Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken — Paradise Falls 
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Paradise Falls V. Subordinate
Flair Smoke-Athesila
This wild heart can't be broken

Flair tried to keep her attention on Finley as she spoke, though her eyes would regularly flick down at the pups, almost instinctively, making sure they were still okay. Meanwhile, the other mother was focusing on the positives, adoration clear in her voice as she spoke of her daughter. But the facts were not lost on her audience; Caspian… The boy was still nowhere to be found.

The alphess hummed sympathetically, unable to offer any other comfort, as much as she wanted to. Finley was quick to bring the subject back to the twins though, Mica aiding her by demanding his father’s attention – Chan, of course, giving in immediately – and Flair couldn’t keep the smile from slipping back on her lips, as he proudly introduced their children.

As Chan’s focus went to Micaden, Flair in turn leaned down to nuzzle Addison, nose rubbing gently behind one ear before she reached up to run her tongue over the pups head a few times. Glancing back over at Fin, she paused her fussing for a moment to ask: “An’ how’s Jet doin’?” Her voice was soft, tone almost conspiratorial, with a joking glint in her eye; It’s his first too, after all…

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Paradise Falls III. Mentor
Finley Lennox

Chan was quickly taken with one of the pups and Flair went into fussing over the one sleeping between her paws. The mother repeated softly, ”Micaden and Addison, lovely names.” She had barely met them but it seemed like it suited the dark and red cubs who clearly had very different personalities.

Finley flushed slightly when she got Flair’s gaze, and a sly grin grew across her features as memories of the night in the log flashed across her minds. Holding in a school-girl giggle she said, ”Taking to fatherhood like a fish to water.” And if her tone got anymore ooey-gooey she probably would have melted on the spot. It was clear how smitten she was.

But, she had run out of time to visit and needed to get back to her own child. Quietly getting to her paws she murmured her goodbyes and took her leave. Atara would need her soon, and she wanted to be there when her daughter woke up.

Finley Exit.
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Paradise Falls XVI. Yearling
Micaden Smoke-Athesila

A joyous squeal escaped the boy as he tumbled backwards under his father’s weight. Puppy giggles followed as he landed on his back, rolling over quickly to regain his footing and return the attack. Strange new adult entirely forgotten, Micaden pushed back onto his, still puppy-wobbly, feet to pounce on his father. Only by that point, Chan had moved to sit up, leaving his son to stagger mid-jump, trying to shift his attention.

But of course, the father was not trying to deprive Mica of a good play fight, reaching out a paw that the pup gleefully focused in on. As Chan poked his ears, Micaden growled playfully, standing up on his hind legs to try and grab hold of his father’s leg, wanting to wrap his own paws around it for support as he nibbed at the offending paw with his baby teeth. There was nothing better to the boy than playing with his dad.

”Speech" Thoughts

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Paradise Falls I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
Something about their tones made Chan feel as though the conversation had taken a turn to something better left to 'just between girlfriends.' Thankfully, his boy was there to distract him, making it easy to drop out and leave the women to talk together without being awkward or rude about it. He'd play with Micaden until the child was finally as tuckered as his sister, even if it took a long while, and it definitely sometimes did. Chan cherished every single moment.

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